Brandy Two Eleven (2/11) standard & deluxe version tracks

Back in the late 90s, Brandy was dominating the pop charts, with multi-platinum records, performing roles in films, and her own sitcom. A lot has changed since then, but she has stayed quite active on the music scene, however she was not capable to match the success of her 98 sophomore album "Never Say Never." Mainly due to the long gap between her records, and true to form, it has been four years since her last record released. Brandy is back with her sixth record Two Eleven (2/11), which is scheduled for release on October 16, 2012. Put It Down featuring Chris Brown will serve as the first single from the album. 2/11 will be available on CD as standard and deluxe editions.

Standard edition tracklist

1. "Intro"      
2. "Wildest Dreams"
3. "So Sick"
4. "Slower"
5. "No Such Thing as too Late"
6. "Let Me Go"  
7. "Without You"  
8. "Put It Down" (featuring Chris Brown)
9. "Hardly Breathing"  
10. "Do You Know What You Have?"  
11. "Scared of Beautiful"  
12. "Wish Your Love Away"  
13. "Paint This House"  
14. "Outro

Deluxe editions tracklist

14. "Can You Hear Me Now?"
15. "Music"  
16. "What You Need"
17. "Outro"

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