Most Successful Game-Movie, RE 5 Arrives on Home Video

Sony Pictures Home Entertainment’s Resident Evil: Retribution (RE5) movie, starring Milla Jovovich, arrives on December 21, 2012 on DVD Blu-ray and 3D, just in time for the holiday Shoppling.

"RE" started as a videogame which was adapted into a movie. Many games have been made into films, but the "RE" series outstanding because it is the most successful video game-movie series in history. It has produced five installments, the most recent of which is "RE 5,". In this movie, Alice witnesses the damage that her previous company, Umbrella Corporation, has wreaked on the whole world. The company's deadly , T-Virus, has gone worldwide, turning humans into flesh-eating zombies.

Packed with bonus features as listed below:

DVD release includes:

Director and Cast Commentary
Director and Producer Commentary
”Drop (Un)Dead: The Creatures of Retribution”

Blu-ray release includes:

Deleted & Extended Scenes
“Maestro of Evil: Directing Resident Evil: Retribution”
“Evolving Alice”
“Resident Evil: Reunion”
“Design & Build: The World of Resident Evil: Retribution”
“Resident Stuntman”
“Code: Mika”
Project Alice: The Interactive Database
All of the Special Features on the DVD

3D Blu-ray release includes:

Deleted & Extended Scenes and Outtakes in 3D
All of the Blu-ray bonus features
All of the DVD bonus features

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