Jack Johnson back with another beach campfire song I Got You

For over a decade, Hawaiian-born singer-songwriter Jack Johnson has been producing record after record of his melodious acoustic beach rock. Releasing five records over the past twelve years, he has become one of the most renowned singer-songwriters of recent times and has built a very large Global fan base. His songs are well crafted and very listenable and perfect to have on your iPod for a day at the beach.

While it's not easy to separate some of his songs, I feel there is no reason to. To me, he's somewhat a modern-day Kenny Chesney with a bit of Bob Marley mixed in for good measure. I have never been let down by a single one of his songs because I know exactly what to expect.

First listen to Johnson's new single "I Got You" from his upcoming album "From Here To Now To You" you'd be forgiven for thinking it's more of the same. His songs invoke images of guitar playing on the seashore by a campfire and this is no exception. It harmonizes so well and leaves you wanting more.

Listen to "I Got You"