Playstation 3: New firmware update finally fixed 4:45 Issue

Sony released a new firmware update for the PS3 to fix the 4:45 update issue.

It was a long week for some PlayStation 3 users as faulty 4:45 firmware update for PS3 rendered many consoles completely inoperative for more than seven days. Since then, Sony was struggling to find a solution.

Sony has now officially released a new firmware upgrade 4:46, which not only fixes previous firmware update issue, but also includes capability to hide Trophy notifications.

To perform this installation, restart your inoperative PS3 in safe mode. You have to pay attention to details and how it works, and follow step-by-step guide:

PS3, Fix Firmware 4.45, Guide, Step 1, Manually Download System Software
PS3, Fix Firmware 4.45, Guide, Step 2, Activate Safe Mode

PS3, Fix Firmware 4.45, Guide, Step 3, Manually Update PS3 Software
Players not affected by PlayStation 3 4.45 update, download the latest firmware as usual on the PlayStation Network.