Iron Man 3 (IM3) on DVD/Blu-ray Comes with Bonus and Extras

We all know and love Tony Stark. Since the first Iron Man film, he became one of my favorite superheroes of all time.

Robert Downey, Jr. once again returned to reprise his role as Tony Stark in Iron Man (IM3). Of course, we have seen him on "Thor," "Captain America: The First Avenger" and "The Avengers", but they are not solo movies of Iron Man.

The story begins right after the incident in "The Avengers". Now, Stark can not sleep and has panic disorder. Besides, tinkers all day and all night in his basement with his new Iron Man suit, his relationship with Potts (Gwyneth Paltrow) is also falling apart. On top of that he challenges a strange terrorist named Mandarin (Ben Kingsley), and now he shows up at his front door.

All the cast members did a great job of bringing these comic book characters to life, they all had their moments. There were several amusing moments in the film and the dialogue is fast and slick.

The CGI was good, but not great. All the fight scenes were amazing but the plane sequence that is shown in almost all trailers and clips was a bit of a disappointment and nothing really happens than what you might expect. However, the final act of the movie totally blows me away.

In my opinion, Kingsley was totally wasted in the film. He was barley appeared in the movie.

Overall, Shane Black’s newest film feels more like a comic book movie than the previous two did.

If you have not seen the “Iron Man 3” and are planning too watch it in the comfort of your living room. Iron Man 3 will be available on all home video formats: Digital Download on September 03, and Blu-ray and DVD on September 24.

Extras, Bonus Materials and Special Features are as follows: