Alex Band described Kidnapping Incident

The lead singer of The Calling, Alex Band, described the kidnapping incident last week.

In an interview with CNN, the singer said that two men held him by the shoulders and pulled him into the van and then hit him with a baton. They even showed him a gun and demanded money.

The musician said that his escape was talking to thugs who would be a father soon. After being beaten again, the attackers then told him that "it was his lucky day" and left unconscious in a railroad from the city of Lapeer, Michigan.

As a result, the voice of "Wherever You Will Go" has suffered a fracture of the spinal column, a cut inside of his mouth, which resulted in 15 stitches, three broken teeth and bruises in the belly.

He also denied rumors that the incident was a setup to promote the return of The Calling.

Check out the statement from the singer in the video below: