Avril Lavigne reveals artwork & release date for self titled album

Avril Lavigne revealed the artwork and release date for her fifth studio album. In the image she print her new work, appears a heavy makeup on a black background.

The new LP, includes the singles "Here's To Never Growing Up" and "Rock N 'Roll" as well as collaborations with Marilyn Manson on the track "Bad Girl" and Chad Kroeger, husband of Avril and lead singer of Nickelback, the song "Let Me Go".

In an interview with Nylon magazine the singer said about what fans can expect "This time there are just songs about relationships and guys,". "As a songwriter, I pressed myself to talk about different subjects and never spoke. Wish it was not so simple. Tried to express myself and go deeper," she said.

The successor of "Goodbye Lullaby" is scheduled for release on September 24.

Check the album cover "Avril Lavigne" below: