Daft Punk: List of songs created by Thomas Bangalter on Spotfy

Thomas Bangalter, one of the "robots" from Daft Punk created a playlist on the streaming music service Spotfy with some of his favorite songs. Among the 20 tracks, there are several new songs taken for the French duo's last album "Random Access Memories".

Veteran Swiss producer and pioneer of electronic music, Giorgio Moroder, Bangalter selected two instrumentals: "Tears" and "Chase." The guitarist Nile Rodgers appears three times in the list. Besides a band Chic, the band that made him famous ("Good Times") musician also selected two tracks produced by him: "He's The Greatest Dancer "from Sister Sledge and "I'm Coming Out" by Diana Ross .

The Strokes of Julian Casablancas (next) ("Tap Out") and NERD of Pharrell Williams (Hypnotize U) were also remembered.

Among the other artists feature on the playlist: the Phoenix ("The Real Thing), singer Carly Simon (with the 12 "version of" Why ") and some bands that update the psychedelic '60s to the present day as the Animal Collective ("My Girls") and MGMT (Electric Feel).