The Best Of Keane will hit stores in November

The boyband, Keane, announced the launch of their first hits collection.

"The Best Of Keane" which will consist of 20 hit songs, including the new "Higher Than the Sun" and "Won’t Be Broken". The deluxe version of the CD will have 18 previously unreleased tracks. "The Best Of Keane" will be available to purchase on November 11, 2013.

Frontman Tom Chaplin said in an interview with Rolling Stone that he hopes to bring more attention to the compilation songs like "Perfect Symmetry".

"This Is the Last Time" was the best song that Tim has composed and created as a group. And unfortunately, being a five minute song, we never managed to edit it to turn a radio single," he told magazine.

The Keane has four studio albums with the latest "Strangeland", released last year.

Check out the following list of tracks from "The Best Of Keane":

1. "Everybody's Changing"
2. "Somewhere Only We Know"
3. "Bend and Break"
4. "Bedshaped"
5. "This Is the Last Time"
6. "Atlantic"
7. "Is It Any Wonder?"
8. "Nothing in My Way"
9. "Hamburg Song"
10. "Crystal Ball"
11. "A Bad Dream"
12. "Try Again"
13. "Spiralling"
14. "Perfect Symmetry"
15. "My Shadow"
16. "Silenced by the Night"
17. "Disconnected"
18. "Sovereign Light Café"
19. "Higher Than the Sun"
20. "Won't Be Broken"