The Wanted released audio & video for We Own The Night

“Walks Like Rihanna", may not be “The Wanted” best effort, but with 'We Own The Night' they are definitely returned to their signature sound. Okay that's not what I said when he heard the song for the first time, but even there you could not judge very well based only on a radio rip.

The launch of the single 'We Own The Night' is taking place today, the band also took the time to release the music video. It may not be their best production, but works much better than most of their previous video releases.

Some verses can make the song sound a little pretentious, 'when my time is over, lying in my grave, written on my tombstone, I want to say it is even quite heavy for what we expected from a boyband, but at least they implemented it in a way not so loaded in the video.