Jack Johnson talks about his new album & its chart performance

Jack Johnson said having an album in the first place for the fourth time is 'surreal'. "From Here To Now To You" succeeds "To The Sea", 2010, "Sleep Through The Static ", 2008, and the soundtrack to "Curious George" , 2006.

"I never have any idea how the album will be when I start to write, "says Johnson, "but there comes a time when you need to decide what you want. This is the most fun, because I always end up learning a little more about my pattern of choices. "It seems that your choices give very sure, since the album sold 117,000 copies in its first week.

"This is surreal!" exclaims the singer, "The first time I had a number one album was pretty bizarre. Even now, after two other albums, it's still a surprise."And as to continue in the first place?" We'll see what happens," Jack said modestly, "I'm happy with second place too."

"From Here To Now To You" is now available for purchase. Watch the video for "I Got You" below: