Lady Gaga talks about feud with Christina Aguilera

The rivalry between Lady Gaga and Christina Aguilera, who back in the news a few weeks ago by the blogger Perez Hilton, was addressed in a recent interview by the voice of "Applause".

Through the program Watch What Happens Live, the Mother Monster decided to open the dispute between her and Christina Aguilera for the first time and said what she thinks of fellow professional.

"I've always been a fan of Christina, but since the beginning of my career was the controversy between us, and I always thought it was very unfair to her," said Gaga.

The host Andy Cohen asked if the controversy is the fact Christina supposedly follows the same steps. "I do not know. The only thing I know is that people were talking about Christina Aguilera and Lady Gaga ... I think it's very unfair anyone put a woman against another, especially in this business, when all we are just trying to be taken seriously. And Christina is an amazing singer, one amazing artist and I have to say is I'm sorry for anything anyone has told her just because of my existence, "she said.

"I hope she never has been driven by this, because when I was 15, I sang 'I Turn To You' with all the force of my lungs, trying to reach her notes. She was always an inspiration to me in terms of vocal range and I think it's absurd that people do," added Lady Gaga.

Watch the excerpt from the interview below: