Dave Keuning (The Killers) complains of excess concerts

The guitarist for The Killers band, Dave Keuning, talked to the magazine "NME" during their final concert in Hong Kong, and revealed that he is tired of touring.

The musician said he is fed up playing shows with the band. "I'm tired of it. I'm done. The end is near. Some people may say 'why are you complaining?', But did what I had to do, so can not say anything."

At the same show, the bassist Mark Stoermer did not attend for "personal reasons." The drummer Ronnie Vanucci said he does not blame the bassist. "Being in the industry is that we are mentally and physically exhausting," and when asked if they would continue if Stoermer leave the band, he said, "I want to continue. But on the other hand, would not be the same band."

Frontman Brandon Flowers will leave the band next year to record his solo project.

The Killers will release a compilation album "Direct Hits" on November 11.

Watch the music video for "Shot At The Night" below: