Katy Perry reveals that "Unconditionally" was inspired by John Mayer and trip to Africa

Katy Perry revealed to "Entertainment Weekly" that her new single, "Unconditionally" is her favorite track on the album and the inspiration for the song came from her new boyfriend John Mayer and a recent trip to Africa.

"'Unconditionally 'was influenced by my boyfriend, and also in Africa, "said the singer. "I went on a trip to Madagascar with UNICEF that changed my life, besides giving me this song."

The star added that it is a genuine love song. "It's a simple message about loving somebody and accepting that person. Ultimately, you should not be afraid, because everyone has baggage. Everyone has their problems and you will never be perfect and accepting it, especially in a relationship, you give space for a real and genuine love. "

"Unconditionally" is on the album "Prism", which is slated for release on October 22.
Listen to the track below:

Unconditionally (Lyric Video)