Ed Sheeran wants to make peace between The Wanted and 1 Direction

The Wanted has a historic rivalry with the members of One Direction, which started a year ago.

Louis Tomlinson, 1D, and Tom Parker of The Wanted, initially exchanged insults on Twitter, leading other members of both groups defend their colleagues.

The enmity of the British boybands is 'stupid', according to Ed Sheeran. The singer, who has befriended the two groups, suggested that that we should make peace.

Tom Parker told the British newspaper The Sun: "He [Ed] said the whole thing was stupid and that I would have got rid of it because it is close to the two bands," and yet it can be proved that to happen in the future " I think if we go out and get drunk together we could get along. "

The singer also apologized for questioning the sexuality of Louis, saying, "I regret having said that. I was angry at myself, but I did it in the heat of the moment."

Check out the Ed Sheeran’s video for "I See Fire" below: