Eminem reveals why he picked Rihanna for the track The Monster

Eminem brought several big names for his new album, "The Marshall Mathers LP II."

Among them is Rihanna, for the track "The Monster" and the rapper (41) explains the contribution of the singer on the song.

"The message of the song, he says, I thought it might be a good idea to have Rihanna in it because I think people look at us like we were two crazy, "he said in an interview with MTV.

The voice of "Diamonds" is famous for collaborating with several big names in music such as Ne Yo and Coldplay, and Eminem was an easy choice.

"At the moment I made the beat I've heard her voice," said the rapper. "I had to send the recording to her, the schedule did not match. And the record was getting ready in a hurry. I sent to her, who recorded the chorus, and returned to me. She snapped, as she always does. It's Amazing."

Check out the song "The Monster (Feat. Rihanna)" below: