Batman Arkham Origins: learn how to get all Costumes and Outfits

Batman Arkham Origins is set in an earlier to the other installment in the franchise period. Like its predecessors, it follows the tradition of presenting various costumes that can be used after finishing the game, or during the various challenge modes and training. Until now, developers have released eighteen Outfits for the Batman, and DTG Reviews prepare a guide to explain how to obtain or unlocked all of them.

Blackest Night: Outfit used during a very recent event in the DC Universe, the war against the Black Lantern. This costume also reminds you of the one designed by Dave Mckean in classic Arkham Asylum. To unlock this costume, you must be able to reach in multiplayer, which means reaching the highest level in this game mode.

Red Son: Introduced in the miniseries Red Son, where his parents were murdered by the communist regime of Comrade Superman, Batman this Russian certainly has one of the most distinctive uniforms in the game. To get it there are two ways: the first is to download the app / game for iPhone and iPad, also called "Batman: Arkham Origins". When you complete the game you gain access to this machine. This uniform is also available via DLC in the "New Millenium Pack".

Earth 2 Dark Knight: The gentleman from the darkness of Earth 2 is Thomas Wayne, who became a vengeful machine after witnessing the death of his son and his wife. Just like Red Son, to unlock this outfit you must play "Batman Arkham Origins" for iOS. You can also find it in the DLC "Infinite Earths Pack".

New 52: This is the current clothing Dark Knight in comics. To get it you must complete the entire session "Most Wanted" the main campaign (ie, defeat the Riddler, the Penguin, the Anarky and other baddies that appear in the session).

Noel Batman: Noel Coming from excellent miniseries, with a design by Lee Bermejo, this costume is released when you fully complete the session date from the main game, that is all "Data Profiles", Cameras, Informants and towers of interference.

One Million: This clothing is given away for free to all players who connect their games to the internet. To acquire it just to register the game on the site that opens directly from your console.

The Dark Knight: Supposedly based on the movie of the same title, this uniform is one of the most difficult to achieve. To unlock it you must complete all the "Dark Knight Challenges" from the main campaign.

Classic: This is the first Batsuit, where he debuted in Detective Comics still in the thirties. This uniform is unique to those who bought the collector's edition of the game and while it can not be otherwise acquired.

Injustice: Based on the eponymous clothing game, this is certainly the most difficult to be released in the game. To achieve it, you must complete all the challenges of Challenge Mode with all the trophies. A task always difficult and will require a long time.

Gotham by Gaslight: Coming from a wonderful story illustrated by Mike Mignola (creator of Hellboy), this uniform is exclusive for those who decide to buy the Season Pass for Arkham Origins - A "pass" that gives discounts on all DLCs of the game .

Brightest Day: Available in the same Season Pass, this all white outfit was used by Batman in the short period where he became a White Lantern.

Azrael: The clothes of the man who replaced Bruce Wayne during the Fall Bow (Knightfall), this outfit is an exclusive bonus for PS3 users.

Adam West: Based on the TV series of the 60s, this is the uniform used by Adam West. Like clothing Azrael, it is an exclusive content for PS3 users.

Long Halloween: Based on the excellent series of the same name, this uniform was originally released as a bonus for pre-Order on "Batman Legends Pack" and should be available as DLC soon.

Dark Knight of the Round Table: More a character from the famous Elseworlds, this Wayne, knight of King Arthur was originally released as a bonus for pre-order on "Batman Legends Pack" and should be available as DLC soon.

Thrillkiller: Based on Pulp series, written Howard Chaykin, as well as the skins earlier this outfit is part of the "Batman Legends Pack".

Earth 2 Batman: Bruce Wayne of Earth 2 is not as friendly as his known counterpart, taking advantage of pistols and machine guns to fight crime. Like previous skins, this uniform is part of the "Batman Legends Pack".