Battlefield 4: Full list of Medals-Ribbons, how to earn them

In Battlefield 4, Medals are warded only for the best and most persistent players. To get them you need to conquer Ribbons at least 50 of them for each medal.

For instance, to gain a Handgun Ribbon, you need to kill at least 4 enemies in a round with a handgun-type weapon, as the M1911, and a Marksman Ribbon requires you to take a headshot with more than 250m away. If you want the Medals and Handgun Marksman, you need 50 ribbons.

Not all medals and ribbons will be available at the beginning, because most of them come with DLCs.

Check out the full list of medals you can earn in BF4.

Users of vehicles:
Medal Tank Get 50 Ribbons Tank
Medal IFV Get Ribbons 50 IFV
Medal of Anti-air Get 50 Ribbons Anti-air
Medal Scout Helicopter Get 50 Ribbons Scout Helicopter
Medal Attack Helicopter Get 50 Ribbons of Attack Helicopter
Medal Jet Get 50 Ribbons Jet Airplane
Medal Watercraft Get 50 Ribbons Watercraft

Users of weapons:
Medal Handgun Get 50 Ribbons of handgun
Medal Assault Rifle Get 50 Ribbons of Assault Rifle
Medal Carbine Get 50 Ribbons of Carbine
Medal Sniper Rifle Get 50 Sniper Rifle Ribbons
Medal LMG Get 50 Ribbons of LMG
Medal DMR Get 50 Ribbons of DMR
Medal PDW Get 50 Ribbons of PDW
Medal Shotgun Get 50 Ribbons of Shotgun
Melee Medal Get 50 Melee Ribbons (physical attack)

Users of game mode:
Conquest Medal Get 50 Ribbons of Conquest mode
Medal Rush Get 50 Ribbons Rush mode
Medal of Obliteration Get 50 Ribbons of Obliteration mode
Medal Team Deatmatch Get 50 Ribbons Team Deathmatch mode
Medal of Squad Deathmatch Get 50 Ribbons Squad Deathmatch mode
Medal Defuse Get 50 Ribbons of Defuse mode
Medal Domination Get 50 Ribbons of Domination mode
Flag Capture Medal Get 50 Ribbons Capture the Flag mode
Medal M-COM Get 50 Ribbons mode M-COM
Medal Bomb Get 50 Ribbons of Bomb Mode

Users of teamwork:
Headshot Medal Get 50 Headshot Ribbons
Marksman Medal Get 50 Ribbons of Marksman
Medal Squad Wipe Get 50 Squad Wipe Ribbons
Medal Ammo Resupply Get 50 Ammo Resupply Ribbons
Medal Medkit Get 50 Ribbons of Medkit
Medal Defibrillator Get 50 Ribbons of Defibrillator
Medal Repair Tool Get 50 Ribbons of Repair Tool
Anti Vehicle Medal Get 50 Ribbons Anti Vehicle
Radio Beacon Medal Get 50 Ribbons of Radio Beacon

Users of Commander:
Medal Commander LeadershipGet 50 Ribbons of Commander Leadership
Medal Commander GunshipGet 50 Ribbons of Commander Gunship
Resupply Medal CommanderGet 50 Commander Resupply Ribbons
Medal Commander SurveillanceGet 50 Ribbons of Commander Surveillance

Users in general:
Medal MVPGet 50 Ribbons MVP
Medal SpottingGet 50 Ribbons Spotting
Medal AvengerGet 50 Ribbons Avenger
Medal SaviorGet 50 Ribbons of Savior
Medal Kill AssistGet 50 Ribbons of Kill Assist
Ace Squad MedalGet 50 Ace Squad Ribbons