GTA 5: Skydiving, Parachute Challenges, Help / Strategy Guide

GTA 5 has a fun mode that lets you make free flight. The new version of game Rockstar has 13 different locations (all marked on the map with a small parachute), the tops of skyscrapers jumps from helicopter. The goal here is to stay as long falling and landing on the right to be rewarded with money at the end of the challenge period.

Keep in mind that this game mode must be unlocked. For this, you must complete the first mission of Don, called "Risk Assessment" with Franklin. Then, all characters can participate in parachute challenges.

- Pacific Tour
Located in La Puerta, in southwestern Los Santos, you will jump from a helicopter and will have to try to land on a boat. The vehicle is resting on the docks next to a hotel.

The boat in which you must land will begin to move as soon as you jump. Once down about 700 feet open the parachute and go slowly toward the boat.

When you get to 400 feet from your target, press the landing needs (RB and LB on Xbox 360 and PS3 in L2 and R2), which will slow their decent and will allow you to more easily land on the boat.

- Aim for the Fairway
This challenge is in Rockford Hills, north of Los Santos. You will find the parachute on the pavement beside a vehicle barrier and a mall. When you accept the challenge you must run and jump from the top of the building to the designated space.

The altitude is too low, then the whole process will be very fast. With a first look now you can see the object of his landing on the side of a golf club. Beware of the grid and the trees, but overall this is one of the simplest game challenges.

- Carving the Mountain

Carving the Mountain, GTA 5, Skydiving, Parachute Challenges

This challenge is located in the Raton Canyon in Blaine County. You will find the helicopter on top of a hill. This challenge is a little different because it will force you to follow a path of rings until you reach the correct place to land.

The first is easy, and you can use the parachute early to get hit the ring. After the checkpoint, fly to the right and repeat the process to find the third.

For the last two rings, use the mode and landing must take the side of the mountain, all the remaining rings are there besides the target landing.

- Falling Mouse
Also located in Blaine County, in Raton Cayons, but instead of taking the helicopter you jump off a cliff. The starting point is at the peak of the mountain, which can be recognized by the parked bicycle and parachute waiting.

Like the previous, this challenge also involves moving through different checkpoints until you reach your target. To be successful in this test you must open his parachute before jumping in and immediately around the side of the mountain through several circles.

The landing zone is in the middle of a dirt road and you need to get in the way of landing need to complete the challenge.

- Razor Rock Dive

Razor Rock Dive, GTA 5, Skydiving, Parachute Challenges

This is the third challenge in Blaine County, in Ranton Canyos. It is located in the lower parts of the mountain ridge. Before jumping, look over the edge to find the first checkpoint, and use the landing so need to hit the two subsequent rounds left.

The landing area is at the end of a small wooden bridge, this is the shortest of the three jump the region.

- Runaway Train
This challenge is in Paleto Boulevard, next to the Raton Canyon. You will find the helicopter parked just to the side of the mountain, just get it to start works.

The goal here is to jump and try to land on top of a train that will pass between the two tunnels Canyon. Realizes the jump, your character will already be aligned in perfect landing position. The train takes ten seconds to go, so it is best to pull the parachute after about three seconds and down straight toward the train.

- The Decline
This challenge is located in Pier Procopio, Paleto Bay Area is a parked next to the pier you will use to start the mission the helicopter. Again, this is a challenge with checkpoints, where you must go through different circles until landing.

The vehicle will take you to the top of Mount Chiliad, where you should jump side to one of its edges. The first checkpoint is right near the top of the mountain, so open your parachute immediately.

Always be careful not to hit the mountain during this flight. The landing zone is located on the same pier where you started the jump. Use the forced landing need to get there in the correct spot.

- The Fall of the Alamo
This challenge is located at a construction site in Grapeseed, in the region of Blaine County. The helicopter will climb to an altitude of 1.5 km and the incredible leap as a whole will pass you by nine circles, making this one of the longest game challenges.

As fun as it is free falling, you can not take it, because the first round is next to the jump point and you need the parachute to hit him.

The last checkpoint of this challenge will slowly align it towards the landing spot which is on a farm near Seaview Road. Despite being long, this is not a very difficult challenge and can be completed first in most cases.

- Turbine Terror
This challenge has the particularity of being situated in the middle of a wind farm, ie, in a region with dozens of wind turbines. Go to the Wind farm in the desert of Grand Senora and enter the helicopter side of the office building.

This is also a challenge with checkpoints, with four rounds and forces to make sudden maneuvers and use very precise landing mode. At the end of the fourth point, deviate from the wind turbine and land safely on dirt road.

- Photo Finish

GTA 5, Photo Finish

The helicopter for this challenge can be found in Vinewood Racetrack in East Vinewood, it is parked on the side of the track for racing horses. Like most challenges, it also requires your character go through different circles before landing.

Soon after jumping, open the parachute immediately and fly straight to the first checkpoint. Wipe gently for two more rounds and head to landing zone, located in the center of the Jockey Club.

- Dammed if You Do not
This challenge also lies in the East Vinewood area, near Highway 18. There is a parked helicopter, this is another great mission, which has about ten rings before landing.

Open the parachute jump so not to lose the first checkpoint, the following four circles meet in a circular, counter-clockwise descent. Have the final five alter the direction of flight time for a standard spiral until you reach the small river that is the landing zone. The main difficulty of this challenge is to achieve this target, which lies in a very narrow area surrounded by an area of boulders.

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