Battlefield 4: learn how to unlock SUAV, the plane that destroys vehicles

Battlefield 4 is the continuation of the famous FPS developed and published by EA and DICE. It has a huge amount of weapons, armored vehicles and devices. One such device is the SUAV. Learn here how to unlock and use it.

What is it?

A SUAV is a gadget that you can use on the battlefield to help your team to complete your goal. It is a small remote-controlled reconnaissance plane that allows, besides marking laser with some enemy vehicles across the control zone, helping your team to locate them.

What do you need?

To unlock the SUAV you need to complete the achievement "Safe Raiding" on the map "Silk Road", which can be found within the map pack China Rising. This achievement comes down to kill at least one enemy with the bomber.

To call this plane, you need to find the command trailer. This is located in the military base of the map center. Find and enter the trailer. Automatically you will be taken to the plane.

To use the bombing is very simple. With sights, you will score the points you want to bomb. After a few seconds, your bombs will start falling. Stay tuned with the remaining amount of bombs you have, when looking at the numbers that appear in the lower right corner of the screen. But rest assured, even after using all markings, after a while they are recharged.

Using the SUAV?

You can launch the SUAV anywhere, but be careful to launch somewhere hidden, because while you control the device, your body will be helpless.

Tip: If your SUAV start running out of battery, for any part of your team give you ammo. This will make the device battery back.

Battlefield 4 was released for PS3, Xbox 360 and PC, but also has versions for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.


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