Killzone Mercenary: Some Useful Tips to do well in the PS Vita game

Killzone Mercenary is the debut game of the popular FPS series on Playstation Vita . The game is highlighted by beautiful graphics, great gameplay and robust multiplayer mode.

Found it difficult to overcome the challenges? Check out some useful tips to do well in Mercenary:

Keep an eye on the map
One of the most useful features of Killzone Mercenary is the map, always located in the lower left corner of the screen. It is possible to check the available paths, beyond the position of the enemy in the scene.

Before entering buildings, holes or indoors, be sure to take a look at the map to know the exact location of every enemy. This will give you great advantage in combat, as you can choose the first targets and avoid direct confrontation with a big squad.

Collect ammunition scattered on the floor
It may seem basic, but many players simply are beaten by valuable ammunition left by downed enemies. To pick up the bullets, approach the body and press triangle.

With this, you do not need to spend all your money to keep your weapons supplied, and never be caught out in longer fights where bullets tend to end quickly.

Learn where to go
Get lost in the scenarios, without knowing where to go to continue the adventure is a common episode, but that can be avoided with the welcome indicators of the game system. Whenever you need help finding the right path, just press the up directional digital and follow the blue marking shown on the screen.

With this, you spend less time looking for exits, and still avoid unpleasant unnecessary confrontations with soldiers around the scene.

Use melee attacks
The melee attacks are both dangerous one, since it is necessary to be very close to the opponent to use them, but when used at the right time can save your life from a nasty death.

To apply the blow on an opponent, touch it, press triangle, and then slide your finger down arrows on the screen. This will kill the enemy immediately.

Be Tactful
Run through scenarios distributing bullets everywhere is quite tempting but terribly ineffective strategy. Choose to remain hidden until the right moment to receive less damage.

Stay in darker corners, lowered (with the character stopped, press circle) and use weapons with silencers, as the gun that came with the default weapons. Bodily executions are also a good option to stay off the radar of enemies.

Use coverage
Popularized by Gears of War series, the cover is a useful system that allows the player to use objects and walls to protect themselves from enemy fire. To use the cover, approach the object and press the circle button. Note that the gun will be pointed up.

To shoot, hold L and press R, usually targeting. When you release the button mira (L), the character returns to the hideout, preventing rivals get it right shots.

Be quick on the puzzles
Killzone Mercenary has a series of puzzles that use the touch screen of the Vita in your solution. Whenever you come across one of the challenges, try to finish it as soon as possible. Note that a counter at the top of the screen limits the time. This will prevent you from getting stuck in rooms and end up having to face more opponents.