Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII (FF13-3) - Hidden Secrets in the game

Final Fantasy 13: Lightning Returns is the third chapter of Final Fantasy 13, and has several tips and secrets allowing players to abuse the system, creating, among other things, an almost indestructible character. Meet some of those hidden secrets in the game within the vast world of Nova Crystallis.

Indestructible Montage Characters

With suitable weapons, you can set two Schemas with invulnerability. A Schema is totally resistant to physical attacks, and other totally invulnerable to magic attacks. To switch between them in battle, the player can create a situation where it will be almost invulnerable to damage.

For example, in the case of physical attacks, the suit can be equipped with accessories and Cyber Jumpsuit with Hood and Ghostly Guard Glove. In the case of invulnerability to magical attacks, the suit may be with Quiet Guardian and accessories with Black Hood and Runic Ring.

However, there are drawbacks to using these settings. Both revolve around hoods, which reduces the own player's attack power to almost zero, both physical and magical. Thus, the player ends up being forced to wear only an effective schema for taking damage. However, if applied correctly, almost any enemy will shatter front of this build, if applied with due patience.

The Secret Store

A rare store randomly appears in certain places and times. The store appears as a human figure marked Forge (Rare).

Approaching and talking with this person, an interface from store opens, offering a number of unique and powerful items, including costumes.

No exact appearance to your site but there are reports that it appears at the south end of Pilgrim's Causeway in Luxerion on the tenth day, around midnight. At another point in Cactuar appears in Yussnan Statues, on the seventh day around noon, or the tenth day, at about five in the morning.

Rewards Final Day

The penalty for fleeing fighting in Lightning Returns is linked to the lost game time. However, since the last day has no time, players can run from many fights wish without any consequences. You can run away from any battle that is not in the script of the story of the game, and the enemy will disappear when the Lightning return to the map. Escape during a battle that is in the script just sends him to the last checkpoint.

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII is the third installment in the Final Fantasy 13 series, released for PS3 and Xbox 360, which ends the saga of the heroine Lightning, which has a limited time to save the world in decay time.