Minecraft: Learn how to summon and defeat the Boss Wither

In Minecraft you can do what you want or try to face Bosses, one of them is Wither, a skeleton three seemingly tranquil being defeated heads, but that could be trouble even the most experienced gamers. In this article you will learn how to summon this monster and will also give some tips that can help you defeat him more easily.

Evoking the Wither

Step 1: First you need to gather all the necessary items to summon the boss. The items are: four blocks of sand and three heads of Souls Skeleton Wither, both available in Nether. The skeletons are usually found in strongholds randomly arranged within the hell of Minecraft.

There is an easy way to find them, can take hours but can also take minutes, but do not give up. Remember also that there is a remote chance of a head fall to kill one of the skeletons, so you'll likely need to also kill a good amount of them to get the required number of heads.

Step 2: Once you find the items it is time to assemble the structure to invoke the boss. To do this, take the four blocks of sand souls and put in the same manner that is in the picture, forming a sort of "T" with the blocks and then put a head on each of the three blocks that were at the top ;

After this the Wither will be ready to appear. At first it will be a bluish tinge and will not attack you, this is because it is charging energy to be able to start their attacks during this period of time, it takes a few second to finish, you can not attack him and not take damage, however, before it is loaded completely move away because it will explode and begin to make their attacks.

Remember to summon the monster in a place that encourages you in the hour of battle. It is interesting to evoke it in the Nether, because there besides him, you have to deal with Ghasts, Blazes, Pigs Zombies and an environment full of dangers that can derail him thus evoke it in the normal world.

Tips to face the Wither Boss:

There are not many tricks to defeat Wither, one can find an easier way for you, however, a few tips can help you in time of combat. First, the best environments to address it is the forest and the desert, the first because it can get stuck in trees, being easier to hit him with arrows and the second to offer you more chances of leakage and more space to attack it with arrows and slashings.

Wither The Boss's main attacks pumps, like the Ghasts, which explode on or near the player and poison bombs that besides making you constantly lose life, it also prevents the display of its hearts to know how fares the life. The important thing is not to let the attack, especially after you've already taken half a lifetime monster, this because after that it starts to regenerate its energy, making it more difficult battle.

Finally, beating Wither, it will fall to the Nether Star, a very important item that can help you improve your speed, resistance, let your highest jump, make you stronger and to improve your life, all this through a flag, an item that can be done on the workbench by placing the star in the center, three blocks of Obsidian in the bottom row and five blocks of glass in the remaining squares.

Although this boss is easier to recall / find than the Ender Dragon, First Master of Minecraft, does not mean that it is easier to defeat the Wither is as challenging as the dragon. Therefore, make sure to be very well prepared before you evoke it, have full diamond armor, if possible totally blown away.

It's also good to have at least two swords diamond to avoid pitfalls and many arrows with a bow or bow with a spell of infinite arrows, this is the best weapon against the monster, since he attacks the distance.