The Wolf Among Us-Episode 2: Smoke and Mirrors, Ep 1 vs. Ep 2 - Review

A murder shocked the New York and Sheriff Bigby goes in search of the mysterious culprit. Sounds corny? But it is not: Telltale Games make it to the second episode of their modern fairy tale "The Wolf Among Us" to firmly pull the players over the full time under their spell - and have come up with a whole lot of new ideas.

In a story-heavy game like The Wolf Among Us, it is difficult to give away any spoilers of the story, if you want to write about it. So you still can have fun in the game, we try in this art piece and summarize for the newcomers to the world of Bigby the previous events in episode 1 only briefly together, then - four months later - led to the second episode of the game.

The world of "The Wolf Among Us" introduces us into the secrets of a parallel society that exists alongside the people in secrecy: The Fables, so fairy-tale characters such as Snow White, Beauty and the Beast, live undetected by the unsuspecting people together. Bigby Wolf, in the skin of the player assumes, is the sheriff of this fairy tale society is confronted with a murder that shocked the world of Fables down to the foundation. You must now go to the bottom of the crime and find out who is behind the plot.

The second episode "Smoke & Mirrors" is based, after a brief flashback to directly to the end of the first part and makes us a witness to a conversation between Bigby and Detective Brannigan: Here we get the opportunity to dive a little into the emotional world of the Sheriff, of just witnessed a murder. But before we know it, the cozy intimacy is disturbed by an unexpected incident in the interrogation room and the history of the second episode begins slowly.

We win in the first of a total of about 90 minutes of the game the impression that the big, bad wolf in action and eventful first episode "Faith" a little out of breath has gone out now and the plot this time slowly gets rolling.

But it doesn't basically mean anything bad, like "Smoke & Mirror" proves the stronger than its predecessor focused on the detective skills of Bigby: flagella have asked squeezed witnesses and crime scenes are investigated. The developers give the players a respectable degree of freedom of action and leave you largely decide how you are going to do.

Yin or yang - strike or ask
Here are the decisions to be taken by the player in "The Wolf Among Us", of a totally different quality, as we know it from the award-winning "The Walking Dead", which comes from the same developer Forge: The local protagonist Lee accused beginning of its history because of a dubious murder case and is repeatedly confronted during the zombie apocalypse with decisions that revolve around moral ideas and the separation of good and evil.

Bigby, however, has to contend with another load. His violent past that has become a part of his character is, made him always to blame. The decisions to which he is forced to pull regularly at his self-control and the player must decide when Bigby should give in to the impulse. The emotional ordeal of the protagonist becomes a crucial test of the player.

Smoke & Mirrors "emphasizes this dramatic difference much more clearly than the previous episode, but takes well to achieve it speed of the game. This could be many players certainly are annoying, who has expecting a continuation of the turbulent roller coaster ride.

At least from a technical point of view there but for the shaky candidates among the players (almost) nothing to complain about: The soundtrack is once again succeeded wonderfully and immerses the scene in tones reminiscent of a mix of Twin Peaks and Pulp Fiction. The character voices fit very well and move at the highest level.

Only the engine messes up from time to time with jerky scenes especially at the beginning of a new sub-chapter, and during the introductory flashback. However, these errors do not spoil the fun of the otherwise liquid exciting game eventually.

Bigby is back: The second episode of "The Wolf Among Us" strikes a slightly slower pace, but fills the resulting breaks with detective work, which was great conceived and staged.

Telltale Games produced with their great characters and the like on the eye a soundtrack, an incredibly dense atmosphere, and the players involved more and more in a murder case who is constantly surprised with new twists. Unfortunately, breaking the engine in some places in the knee and disturbs something positive overall impression.

The furious end of maybe a little short geratenen episode lets the player back on a cliffhanger that definitely motivated to continue playing - if only there were not this wait time. Please, Telltale Games, hurry up!

The first roughly acting engine leaves no doubt that it works very well in the universe of Bigby. Facial movements and emotions are believable and make despite the somewhat abstract representation of a realistic impression.

Incredibly consistent, incredibly fit: The Complete soundscape draws us from beginning to end in its spell.

The proven scanning the screen with the mouse to display different interactions, still works very well. Also, the dialog system with the various response options ensures that the player more than once teeth nibbling considers his options under time pressure.