Metal Gear Solid 5 Ground Zeroes: Useful tips for playing the game

Metal Gear Solid 5: Ground Zeroes is a very short game, but you will only be able to make quick and correct work, if you take some precautions. The DTGReviews made a list with a number of tips that can be very useful to help you on this journey and Big Boss. But remember that the style of play used to be the best for your personality.

Use the environment to your advantage

The prison guards have an apparent "myopia" when you are in the shadows. Use it always. When a guard is near and Snake can hide behind bags, rocks or even plants, do so and enemies probably will not find you. Always look side ways so therefore, able to avoid attention from watchtowers and guards protecting the interior of the prison.

Crawl or walk slowly

Another important tip is to crawl. This is an efficient way to protect the eyes of the enemies. If not, try to always walk slowly not to alert them. Approach with caution and give as much time to position the guards left and you pass unnoticed.

Destroy the security cameras

The security cameras show up more in time to rescue Paz When you see something, try to destroy it, but trying hard to prevent guards are coming to see where the shots came out. Do not be caught by a system of observation is crucial in the progress of the game.

Note the window of observation

There is always white window near Big Boss if it is being perceived by the guards. While they are white, only a suspicion that an attacker is close by was raised. If they get a reddish color, is because you actually saw and will shoot. Watch it!

Shoot only if necessary

If it turns red, you probably take shots and then have to return. But if there is the option to hide and avoid combat until your enemy still find you and contact the center to say it is much better. After all, many shots will alert everyone, reinforcements will arrive and everything will be difficult.

Avoid using transport

Unless you want to make your life more fun (and complicated) task, avoid stealing cars, and tank trucks that appear in the arrest and move around just by walking. After all, obviously riding in vehicles will attract all eyes to you. They are useful, however, to get away on a mission to party.

Use the menu

The menu at Big Boss has some interesting and useful options. Use map points, for example, to find the best assignment. Listen to the tapes to find out about possible details. And, of course, call the helicopter when necessary, but try to call him to places where there are few enemies.

Do not stop playing after the main quest

The Metal Gear Solid 5: Ground Zeroes is a short game, with a very fast primary mission. But it is not only that matter - you can still play five extra missions. Just return to the main menu of the game after "zero it out" for them to be unlocked.

Watch the story

The main quest and some side quests are fundamental to the overall story of Metal Gear Solid 5. Do not think that Ground Zeroes is just a quick game to show how the full game will be. It is part of history. So do not miss any detail of the trailers and guidelines of each mission.

Try to beat your high scores

There is the platinum trophy in Ground Zeroes, but that does not mean you can not try to zero it means complete with ratings "A" in all missions and the maximum of extras listed. There is a completion rate in the menus. Try to get to 100%, breaking records across the challenges, collecting ribbons and zeroing missions rated!