Thief 2014: Earn Extra Money doing Side Quests

In Thief 2014, besides the main campaign, players can venture into Side Quests, the Secondary Missions, called Jobs. Throughout the territory of the City there are people needing help, how to steal an item or restore one that was stolen. The DTGReviews prepared for you a full tutorial on how to find the Jobs in Thief 2014. Check out:

Step 1: Some Jobs are not always available at all times; others only appear after the main campaign is completed. You must find someone who is in need of work and Garrett. A good start is to go to the hideout of Basso, because it is easy to locate the icon on the map.

Step 2: Talk to the person that will offer him the job and listen to what he needs. At the end of his words, a screen will open with the contractor needs and what will be your reward.

Step 3: If you accept the mission, will start a new mission objective on accept. Complete and return to your contractor to get your money.

Tip: select the "Accept and Track" option to make it easier to find your goal.
Step 4: But is not only that Basso could give you some extra missions. Throughout the territory of the City there are side missions to be made, like the Bank Heist and Ector's Workshop. Wander around town and when you find a small bluish haze on the lock of a door, there are two possibilities: either you can redo a mission from the main campaign and there is a job to be done.