Thief 2014: Gameplay Help / Tips

Thief brings the return of the thief Garrett to a new journey of robberies, but they will not be realized without the owners belongings pilfered offer some resistance. Check out some tips to improve your gameplay in Thief 2014.

Come out of the closet
Cabinets have a peculiar feature in the game, they allow you to create a Quick Save, and temporarily hide. Whenever you see a closet and not being sought by enemies, between it and the game will automatically save. If you die then come back exactly to that cabinet before being found.

Attention to knock enemies
To knock distracted guards (Takedown) using Blackjack you need to get your sneak up behind them and press the RB button (Xbox 360) or R1 (PS3). However, be aware that the word "Takedown" appears on the right side of the screen to confirm that this is the action you will perform. Otherwise, you might just end up giving a common scam in the back of the character, warning him of his position without knocking him out.

Keep your eyes on the prize
The same is repeated to steal objects that are dropped by the scenario. Pay close attention to the interaction message is appearing on them. It's easy to press the button to try to catch the cup on top of a box, and instead, use the Peek command, hiding behind the box. This kind of error can even cost you your life depending on the moment.

Caring for bodies
After knocking out an enemy you can hold X (Xbox 36) or Square (PS3) button to drag the body and hide it from the eyes of other guards. However, there is another utility. If you knocked your opponent was carrying a bag of money, which you did not steal before, holding his body you will get this money for you.

Try 123456 (Password)
Some very valuable items that Garrett will find safes are protected by passwords and they can not be unlocked just as it does with other locks. Normally the passwords are somewhere close by document, but not too obvious. Try exploring around and read documents by pressing Back (Xbox 360) / Select (PS3).

Abuse of myopia enemy
The characters of the game not only see evil, some of them seem almost blind. Since it is dark most of the enemies will not notice if you're on their side. This is because the peripheral vision of the guards is very weak, allowing you to approach even in open space, is to rob them or knock them out.

Use the map to your advantage
Pressing the down directional digital, you can bring a map to the game screen. It is not a full map and will not show the location of enemies and their field of vision, as in Metal Gear Solid, but it will show certain elements of relief and helps you to see where your next objective. If you see an icon of archery, this is a merchant selling items.

Decide how you want to play
Thief inherits an element of other titles in recent years, as Dishonored, which brings several ways to accomplish your goals and allows the user to decide how to play. However, if you do not decide soon what will be your approach, you can spend points on things that will prove useless later. For example, if you have no patience to be sneaky, spend more points in combat skills.

Good friend of labia
Besides giving good side quests, the character Basso also names an item that can be bought with merchants, called Basso's Bond, for 750G. If you intend to spend a lot buying Resources, like arrows, this item proves the connection of the thief Garrett with Basso, ensuring a 25% discount on prices.

Stay tuned for cages
Caged birds or dogs in cages animals are very bored in the Thief universe, and any sudden movement Garrett can do with them to stir and alert enemies around you. It's not hard to get used to the scene to search for enemies to avoid them, but if not also observe the cages and, for all your care go down.

Investigate the scene
This same tip applies to two recommendations: First, explore around and to raise as much money and treasures, because they will be useful. Second, look for bookcases, walls or paintings that seem out of the ordinary. For example, early in the game is shown a picture that has a secret button that reveals a safe. There are more surprises of this kind during the game.

Understand what the enemy thinks
At the top of the head of the enemy there is a symbol of an eye that indicates what is going through their minds at the time. White is the normal state of them. Yellow means they suspect something and you can start looking. Red is when you are seeing and will attack. Sometimes, even the yellow stage, you can throw a bottle and make them look for you in the wrong direction.

Blue shiny objects
Even outside the Focus mode will light the way for you through blue shiny objects. They indicate where you can use the claw of Erin to hang or climb pipes where you can cling and climb, or even ropes and ladders that lead to higher levels. Stay tuned to this brightness especially when locked in the game.