Thief 2014: learn how to get Focus Points to progress in the game

In Thief 2014, Garrett after an accident at the clock tower, he acquires a special ability called Focus, which allows you to move more stealthily knocking out enemies with ease, among other possibilities. However, for Garrett improve these skills is necessary to Focus Points. Check out our tutorial on how to acquire these points easily.

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Step 1: There are two ways to acquire Focus Points in Thief. One is free and difficult, and the other is paid and easier. The free way is to search for Focus Stone for all maps in the game. This artifact has a characteristic appearance, formed by a kind of rune bluish tint and is found in passages.

Step 2: The way paid to acquire Focus Points is visiting the Queen of Beggars, a lady that appears at the beginning of the main campaign. First, find her place on the map and go visit her.

Note: to get to the Queen of Beggars is necessary to go through a passage that is only found in the hideout of Basso.

Step 3: Once you get to the Queen of Beggar and find her sitting in a chair, talk to her. She will ask a small donation in exchange for her advice (Focus Points). If you are willing to pay the amount, click Accept.

Step 4: But not everything is perfect. Every time you make a donation in exchange for Focus Points, the next donation will be twice the price of the former. Example: if you purchased the first Focus Points for 150G, the second will cost 300G.

Step 5: Spend your Focus Point of the way you see fit, adding better Stealth, Efficiency, Combat, Dexterity, etc..