Brian Johnson denies end of AC / DC

The lead singer of AC / DC Brian Johnson denied rumors that the band would announce its end because one of its members - to what is stated guitarist Malcolm Young - is no longer able to play or perform live.

Still, Johnson confirmed that a member of the band is really sick. Speaking to the Telegraph, Johnson said the AC / DC plans to meet in May in Vancouver, and "pick up guitars, get a sound out and see if anyone has any idea or song. If something happens we will write."

Despite that, the singer hints that the situation is serious. Johnson says he does not want to rule out any option. "One of the boys is with a debilitating disease, but I do not want to talk much about it. He is very proud and reserved,... A great guy We've been friends for 35 years and I admire him greatly"

The story that AC / DC would announce its end, began circulating on Monday. A radio station in Australia received an email from a source that is very close to the band said, talking about the situation of Malcolm was very serious. According to this person, the guitarist suffered a stroke and left with a blood clot in the brain that makes him impossible to play.

From there a series of news and rumors began to circulate through the network, with people who say they are close to the band confirming or denying the story.