Dark Souls 2: Tips for Merchants, Blacksmiths and important items

Dark Souls 2 Guide to the merchants and Forging. It is worthwhile to talk to the dealers several times or neatly spend souls with them. So you give for example the dealer Hag Melentia after the purchase of goods worth 10,000 souls the Silver snake ring. This will get you a lot more souls from defeated enemies. Also the Armorsmith Maughlin changed its range regularly.

One of the dealers also buys items from you. Therefore, you should have a lot of stuff in your pockets so you're looking at the Lone Gavlan no one in the yard, or later in Erntetal. He also sold you the one or other object. The following we list you all Dark Souls 2 sellers / merchants. Note: The range varies during the game or after dialogues and issued souls.

We update these dealers and forging guide over the next few weeks. You will receive a list of other traders and blacksmiths all areas in Dark Souls 2. We also recommend that you go through our comprehensive Dark Souls 2 walkthrough.

1 Merchant Hag Melentia
2 Blacksmith Lenigrast
3 Sweet Shalquoir (Cat)
4 Armorsmith Maughlin
5 Lonesome Gavlan
6 Merchant Licia of Lindeldt
7 Rosabeth of Melfia
8 Blue Sentinel Targray
9 Carhillion of the Fold
10 Steady Hand McDuff
11 Wizards - Straid of Olaphis
12 Weaponsmith Ornifex
13 Cromwell the Pardoner
14 Head of Vengarl
15 Gren The Midget
16 Magerold of Lanafir
17 Head Farmer Gilligan
18 Grave Warden Agdayne
19 Darkdivers Grandahl
20 Chancellor Wellager

Dark Souls 2 Guide - merchants, blacksmiths and their most important items.

Dealers and forged in Dark Souls 2 offer you helpful items for sale against souls. Here, you will ensure that you use all dialogue options with dealers. Sometimes they change namely their range.

Merchant Hag Melentia
The trader appeared in Dark Souls 2 on the second beacon on the forest of fallen giants. From it you get later in the game the Silver snake ring. But give first 10,000 souls. First, you should get the key for Lenigrast for 1,000 souls, then you grab for 4,000 souls also Pharros stone. You should buy the cap of the traveling trader.

Important items in the range: At the beginning it only sold 10 life stones, and later indefinitely. Wait on Pharros door so that you smith Lenigrast opens the way. Also, people pictures you buy from enough souls. After 10,000 issued souls you receive from the merchant Melentia in Majula the Silver snake ring.

Smith Lenigrast
Once you have an open mind Schmiedehaus, Lenigrast sold you also Titanite that you invest in upgrading of weapons and armor. Necessarily all Titanite to buy from him at least one or even two weapons at +3. We recommend doing the heath knight sword or the flaming sword, which already finds in the forest of fallen giants.

Most important items in the range: Titanite, infinite arrows for bows as well as a weapon for each character type.

Sweet Shalquoir (Cat)
As in the first Dark Souls, a cat can be found in Part 2. Unfortunately Shalquoir purrs not as nice as Alvina from Part 1. Besides, a few key rings offer you the cat also home to bone as an item, is only effective 10 pieces. In addition, you told stories about Shalquoir Majula and its inhabitants.

Most important items in the range: The silver cat ring true costs proud 13,400 souls, you should set it to yourselves. Finally, the ring is minimized in the event of damage, what makes you loose inspect the well. Also, you will bring you home to bone.

Armorsmith Maughlin
At your first meeting Maughlin sulks around a bit. He deserves a long journey and still nothing. With every purchase on your part Maughlin is happy until he relaxed sitting in his house and is pleased with his wealth. A total of 16,000 souls you give out with him to get the later Aurous armor given in Dark Souls 2. How to do this, we have already shown you in our tip for invisible Aurous armor in Dark Souls 2.

Most important items in the range: The Elite Knight Armor provides fighters and knights very good protection. You have already spent a total of 11,600 souls of the 16,000 souls. The silver eagle kite shield worth it for the beginning, but does not provide 100 percent block rate to physical attacks. Since you wait for the Drangleic sign after the boss fight with the persecutors.

Lonesome Gavlan
The merchant is located in the yard in No-Man's Wharf, at the top of the house on the second floor, which is guarded by the dark creatures with long arms. You have to cut down at least six of them. Use Pharros- lock stone up in the center of the level to turn on the chandelier of the cave. Then the dark creatures fear the light, use the ranged weapons here. But take heed Gavlan not attack! Gavlan appears later on at the doors of Pharros.

Most important items in the range: Gavlan sell you poison arrows, the ring of the giant and lazy resin. The most important feature of it but, he buys needless items, weapons and armor pieces from you! So do not hesitate to flog him senseless stuff to enhance your soul account!

Merchant Licia of Lindeldt
The nice lady you meet after the boss fight with the dragon rider in Heide's flame tower. They sold you wonder and accessories for clerics. But she also has another important function! Speak definitely long with her until she repeats her dialogues. She tells you about her trip, and that she wants to leave the current place soon. Licia then moves into the round passage, where, apparently missing the crank. That you recognize Majula in mind that a light burns on the stairs. You now represent the path to the hunter grove.

Most important items in the range: Cleric finds wonder and a ring that helps clerics.

Rosabeth of Melfia
The path above Majula through the undergrowth tree leads you to a knight, including blue sword in front of a kind of hall. The knight is called warrior Benhart and tells you something about a statue that blocks the way and yet somehow affects human. As you brought the statue to life? With a scent branch. You will receive this item after the battle with the lost sinner or deep down in the level "The Hole" (the bottom of the wells, according to the exploding enemies.) After Rosabeth freed from petrification, they sold you Pyromantien. Give her a set of clothes and switches a result free.

Most important items in the range: You sold three rings, each of which protect you against flame, darkness or lightning damage. It also offers fire seeds, which improve your pyromancy flame.

Blue Sentinel Targray
After the boss fight with the dragon slayer you encounter even the Blue Sentinel Targray. He talks only with you, after that you joined his oath. Then he sold you two miracles and a lightning stone and morning star.

Important items in the range: Nothing special.

Carhillion of the Fold
The magician waiting in No-Man's Wharf, just before the pirate ship. He talks only with you, if you have geskillt intelligence in a certain number. He then returns after Majula and sold you magic, an accelerator, and two rings, the mage in Dark Souls 2 to good use.

Important items in the range: Nothing special.

Steady Hand McDuff
The blacksmith can be found in the Lost Fortress. Go through the entrance behind the runner-up in the fortress. You reach a tower and meet Lucatiel, then you go straight ahead. A large mummy stands in front of an exploding barrel Attracted because they gone and done it. Then you roll the barrel down to the crack provided with a wall and shoot a fire arrow on the barrel to bring the wall to collapse. You can find a beacon and the blacksmith Steady hand McDuff.

Tip: Light the torch there and returns to the beacon. Detent short and McDuff changes its position. Then you grab the item in the chest on which the blacksmith has been sitting before. To open his shop you need absolutely the mat glow from the iron lock.

Important items in the range: Uchigatana, king dragon badge, large titanium shards

Wizards Straid of Olaphis
Also freed him by her scent branch - you get to the bottom of the hole, another for defeating the lost sinner. The Wizard exchange incidentally Boss souls against powerful weapons! So take a look be quiet range of! In addition, Straid sold a few Pyromantien and the ring of knowledge.

Important items in the range: Ring of Knowledge, boss weapons against Boss souls Pyromantien

Weaponsmith Ornifex
First you have to Ornifex free, then you have yet to load the ravens. A petrified opponent near the lighthouse in the Shadowed ruins drops a key means of scent branch and defeating for liberation from the fossilisation. This opens the door to Ornifex prison. But beware! Ornifex looks like one of those raven beings. You will also find Estus Shard In his cell.

You have to find Ornifex' Store only. This is not in the Shadowed ruins but in the light cove. Behind the third beacon you will find a small door behind Ornifex offers not only goods but also exchanges Boss souls against powerful weapons.

Important items in the range: Boss Soul exchange for weapons. Otherwise Ornifex still offers fire arrows.

Cromwell the Pardoner
Already in Dark Souls there was such a character. You should change an oath without canceling the old oath in the cat Shalquoir, and then increase your sin account. Even if you penetrate into the worlds of other players and this done, climb your account of sins. If the number of your sins is high, the probability of invasion increases by other players. When Cromwell your sin be forgiven. But also Cromwell sold useful rings. You can find him in the light cove after the boss fight with Magnus. Just left the ladder and you will find Cromwell.

Important items in the range: blood bite ring, curse bite ring, poison bite ring

Head of Vengarl
In the cloud forest you think you are right. Watch out for invisible enemy! Run left the way up until you find an item and the fog lifts slightly. Run a few columns along and you'll find the head of Vengarl. Speak and act with him. Once you have completed in the princely private chambers his body, he leads the way, other goods in the range.

Important items in the range: Ring of salvation, red rust weapons after defeating his body.

Gren the midget
After the boss fight with the hangman car you find on the tiny beacon Gren. Answer the questions of limits with Yes and also transgress his oath. Then you act with him in addition to the bone armor, there are also Pyromantien and a ring. Otherwise, nothing really special.

Important items in the range: Nothing special.

Magerold of Lanafir
In iron lock right after the entrance gate behind the first beacon. Magerold offers an incredible number of products. Here you will find the multiplayer mask that you already know from the Dark Souls DLC Artorias of the Abyss. More important are the curse bite ring and human images and fragrance branches.

Important items in the range: curse bite ring, People, perfume branch

Head Bauer Gilligan
The head farmer Gilligan is located at the Irdenspitze. After the second beacon you walk past the mill wheels, through the barrier. Hold on to the left you come to Gilligan. Your fetch the items and he is with you. With him get the head miniatures as well as the black leather armor. Even gestures you learn from him. He moves later after Majula.

Important items in the range: Head miniatures

Grave Warden Agdayne
In the crypt of the undead you can find in the first room Finster sorceresses. A voice warns you not to make light. Go up the stairs and you will find Agadyne. He offers you in addition to the ring of thorns also of man and the Elizabeth fungus.

Important items in the range: Elizabeth mushroom, People, Ring of Thorns

Darkdivers Grandahl
In Gran Dahl you step in the oath of the pilgrims of darkness. For this you have to dark diver Gran Dahl meet at three different locations. He then offers you to trade. In addition, you are allowed to travel in the dark maw of the old days and add you there with the Boss Finster veil. This is far more rewarding than the items sold the Gran Dahl.

Important items in the range: Ascetics beacon, People

Chancellor Wellager
With all the four great souls you enter Drangleic Castle. In the steps of the entrance hall you will find the spirit of Chancellor Wellager. However, he offers you to only a tightening knuckle ring and magic arrows or lightning arrows. Its consumables may also be useful.

Important items in the range: Withered twilight herb Strengthen Santander knuckle ring.