FIFA World Cup Brazil 2014: Unlockables, Extra Content

FIFA World Cup Brazil 2014 is a game series, and so it could not have access to EA Sports FC, virtual "store" where the gamer can unlock extra content with "coins" to win according to your performance in the game. And there are lots of interesting things to be unlocked.

To access the contents, just go to the Football Club tab for the FIFA World Cup 2014 main menu and select Catalog. Then, depending on the level of your account on the EA system, you will have access to some "treats" that can be purchased by coin values indicated in your cards.

The vast catalog of extras from the official game of the Cup is divided into four categories: gameplay, online, and video scenarios. The first is the most interesting and has the largest number of different content for the game, such as uniforms, balls, cleats, secret teams and celebrations.

The classic uniform is one of Mexico, England, Portugal and Espanhae (all unofficial), two from Brazil, Argentina, Italy, Uruguay (only the official Argentina), four in Spain and five in Germany (these two selections, all original). Between the balls, icons World Cups, as Tango España (78), Durlast (74) and Azteca (86).

In this same menu, there are two packages of cleats, and the Cup Carnival, the Adidas three goal celebrations and three new teams: one with future superstars, with big names of the current football and other idols in the past, full of Brazilians as Zico, Rivelino, Carlos Alberto Torres and Taffarel.

But not only that. In online, you unlock mode results for Road to Rio de Janeiro. In the scenarios, a list of challenges six teams (USA, France, Germany, Spain, Italy and England). In the videos, completing the list, appearing several recordings with the Adidas miCoach technology.

To "buy" content, just press "X" (or "A" on Xbox) on it and confirm your purchase. You can also gift a friend, cost 50% less than what you spend buying for yourself, in this window. Enjoy and make your game even more complete!