LEGO The Hobbit: 3 Easter Eggs found!

Just a few days after the release of LEGO The Hobbit was released for all major consoles, we present the first Easter Eggs from LEGO The Hobbit. A little tip in advance: To show you these Easter Eggs in LEGO The Hobbit and how to get there. Caution: Spoilers Ahead! So read no further if you want to discover for yourself the Easter Eggs! The previously found Easter Eggs in LEGO The Hobbit are rather small. Two of the Easter Eggs are circulating in the network as hidden extras in LEGO The Hobbit would also call Easter Eggs in one could argue about.

The first Easter Egg in LEGO The Hobbit is the Dubstep song remix. To unlock this Easter Egg in The Hobbit LEGO, you have to ensure the red brick number 18 - Middle Earth Carnival. This brick you get from a character in the vicinity of Radagast's house for a Mithril skeleton crank. The plan for the Mithril skeleton crank can be found in level with the troll treasure. Have you found and activated the red brick, you come to the Easter Egg in LEGO The Hobbit: All Middle-earth turns into a giant club, where a Dubstep remix to running original dialogues from the movie. A rhythm in which each character with LEGO needs.

The second Easter Egg in LEGO The Hobbit has something to do with sense of rhythm: it is the Lord of the Prance Achievement: One clear reference to the world-famous musical Lord often he dance. To unlock this Easter Egg in The Hobbit LEGO needs "Dazzle Wig", "Mithril Rhythm Stick" and "Mithril Dance Boots". For the Dazzle Wig you must destroy "flies and spiders" at the beginning of the third section a wall with Mithril blocks in the level. Behind it you can find a fishing, is now on the other side of the room to the pool and building a platform. From the platform you can fish and draw directly Dazzle Wig on land.

The Mithril Rhythm Stick and the Mithril Dance Boots, which you also need for this Easter Egg / Achievement in LEGO Frodo, you must be forged in Bree. The plan for the Mithril Rhythm Stick can be found in a silver chest on an island in the lake at the waterfalls near Rivendell. A little further north you can back up the plan for the Mithril Boots Dance into a cave, if you use an Elf for exploration. You have collected all three items, you have now only one character with all three items to equip and already you get the Achievement. We would, however, found it even funnier if the character would then also given a real Lord-of-the-Dance-liner for the best.

For the time being last Easter Egg in LEGO The Hobbit you can not unlock, but only see: It's a short guest appearance of the LEGO version of Hobbit director Peter Jackson, who is also known yes, as a Easter egg in all films. Have you completed the first level in LEGO The Hobbit "The biggest Kingdom in Middle-earth" - you are just escaped with great difficulty the fiery breath of Smaug. The Easter Egg with Peter Jackson comes immediately after the same are to be seen: from left to right, run in front of Thorin a beard LEGO figure with a camera on his shoulder through the picture: clearly Peter Jackson.

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