The Walking Dead (TWD): Season 2 Guide, walkthrough - Game

Table of Contents
Episode 1 - All that remains
Episode 2 - A house divided

Crowned with the title of best game of 2012 everywhere, The Walking Dead by Telltale games is back for Season 2 of 5 new episodes. Always built on a mix of adventure games mixed with point and click, the game puts you in the shoes this time Clementine small protected Lee in the previous season. Expect to see the world of walking dead in a new light, rangers do you have never looked threatening.

You will find in this updated guide to each episode release, the full path of history. What you worry about your decisions made during your adventure, and satisfy your curiosity on the alternatives available.

Episode 1 - All that remains

This part includes the solution of the 11 chapters of the Episode 1 - All that remains

Chapter 1: Old Friends:
Clementine we find in this second season along with Christa and Omid which discusses about the name they give to their child. Choose to intervene or not, the consequences are minimal on the rest of the conversation. While Christa enters the men's room of a small station, Omid calls Clementine to wash in the women's washroom. Inside, you have to interact with the three toilet doors to find that the room is empty.

Then come back around and interact with sinks for Clementine moved. Use the water from his small bottle because running water no longer works. In operation, Clementine dropped his bottle rolling under the door of a cabin.

Open the last door to discover and interact with the bottle to pick it up. A woman then enters the toilet. She searched the backpack Clementine and retrieves his gun. She then comes directly opposite the bathroom door where Clementine is hidden. A conversation starts and each answer choice has no influence on the situation, Omid dies by accident and Christa avenged. Welcome to the merry world of walking dead.

Chapter 2: 16 months later:
16 months have passed since that unfortunate event are Clementine and Christa around a fire in the latter hard to maintain. Clementine and Christa exchange a few words about their next destination. Your choices have little impact, but know evoke Omid with Christa is not the best idea, the subject still seems quite difficult. Christa hand then collect firewood in the forest and asked Clementine to deal with the fire. Look for a lighter in the backpack of the girl. You find a picture of Lee and a drawing of the family of Kenny. Once in hand, finally pick up the lighter at the bottom of the bag.

Now endow the lighter, interact with fire. Clementine kneels and you must hold the action button on the screen then approach the flame of the paper.

Use your small torch to restart the campfire. But you quickly need more fuel. You can if you do not have a heart, use the photo of Lee or drawing that represents the family of Kenny.

Otherwise shop around to find a log fire will be much more effective. Pick it up and then add the fire to complete the chapter.

Chapter 3: The scavenger:
You do not have time to enjoy the fire, because suddenly the sound of voices reached to Clementine. Panicked, it moves in their direction and came face to face with Christa dealing with a group of aggressive men, she tries to convince her that she is alone. A choice is then available to you.

Essential choice: Distract men or flee discreetly?

1 - Distract men 

If you decide to distract the group of men, you provide a survivable Christa who absconds.

2 - Escape discreetly 

If you try to escape quietly one of the men you reference is taken as a lie, Christa gets a spear in the leg by one of the men in the group.

In both cases, a chase occurs. You must pass each contextual action on the screen to manage to stay alive. If you pass the attacker died in the teeth of a zombie and Clementine falls driven by water power. 

Chapter 4: Alone:
Clementine awakens on the banks of the river while the sun rose. Move along the path to a wooden staircase destroyed. To interact with the little Clementine manages to raise difficult at the top. 

Watch the scene to your liking and then commit yourself deeper into the forest in search of Christa. Cross the dead tree blocking your way after passing the sign alerting you to the presence of dangerous animals.

Continue along the path until you find a dog. You can interact with it as you like but be aware that check its collar will teach you his name, Sam. A new companion? The chapter while Sam seems to invite you to follow ends.

Chapter 5: Abandoned Camp:
The dog Clementine draws up a makeshift camp. Quickly feeling hungry, and you must find something to eat in the remains of the camp. Take the time to search the van to learn that Sam was the dog of the family occupying the premises. Search the rest of the places you can play including three times with the dog by throwing a Freesby.

After searching quite element, Sam draws attention to a Clementine tree at south of camp or a zombie is attached. Pick up the piece of wood on the ground and use to smash the skull of poor man repeatedly.

Once definitively dead, you grab the Swiss Army knife stuck in his arm. Now you just need to find the Holy Grail, a box of pristine preserves found in a bin at the camp south. You can pretty much pick the tin earlier, you will anyway need the Swiss Army knife to open it. Once the two objects in your possession chapter ends while Clementine is about to open his meal.

Chapter 6: Finding Food
Clementine moved to open the tin. Use the knife three times. to open it and find that the beans inside are still edible. You now have the choice whether to share your food with Sam the dog. Again there is a choice that leads to the same consequences, do one that suits you the most. Hungry dog loses all retained and attack Clementine. He bites her arm violently and you must do everything to free the girl of his iron intake.

Two choices are available to you on your right is the tin, you can use it repeatedly hitting the dog in the head, or pick it up on your left the knife requires only an attack.

In both cases, the dog back for better return to the attack. Get the contextual actions to repel violently kicked behind the tree trunk. A new choice available to you in the action because the beast is mortally impaled.

 Essential choice: Complete the dog or leave him to his fate?

1 - Complete the Dog

2 - Giving the dog to its fate

Having made your decision, Clementine fled into the forest, but the pain is wobbled. When many zombies around him, trying to escape but the girl is quickly caught. Fight against the grip of zombie hammering the button on the screen to be finally rescued by two men.

Along the way, choose to be honest or not the two men by revealing he was attacked by a group of men, or say you were alone. As in the previous season, your answer choices affect the relationship Clementine talks with the characters. A little further on, Luke realizes the nasty bite on the arm of Clementine and panic. Choose your arguments to convince that this is a dog bite. Never mind your answers, Pete decides to believe Clementine and back to their refuge. But Clementine faints and chapter ends.

Chapter 7: New faces:
Clementine wakes up surrounded by strangers who wonder about the fate of the girl. The four return to the same choices, the physician group arrives to examine the bite. Can not say 100% that this is not a zombie bite, the group gets more beautiful conversation. You then have the option to speak to a member of the group to choose from. The choice is not of great importance, but if you are talking to Alvin, you will unlock an interesting alternative in the next chapter.

The conversation is interrupted by a young girl, Sarah. After that, choose your attitude towards the doctor, the debate gets more beautiful and he decides to leave Clementine unattended until morning to see if the injury turns into a zombie. Luke brings the girl in a shed away from the house and the conversation choice will not change.

Once locked, Clementine does not resolve to leave the wound fester. You'll have to search the premises to exit the shed. Interact initially with the folded table on the left. Then try to catch the hammer that is on a high shelf on the left but without success.

Climb on the table now that you unfolded and try to catch the hammer. The shelf break and you end up on the ground.

Move the rack to the floor and then pick up the hammer. Interact now with the toolbox to find inside the wire which serves to suture the wound.

Now use the hammer on the board that somehow repaired a hole in the shed. Finally give a kick in the remaining plate to get outside and finish at the same time the chapter.

Chapter 8 : Getting Supplies:
You are now outside the shed. You have to find three elements to allow Clementine to suture her own wounds. In addition to the wire found in the toolbox, you will have to disinfectant, needle and bandages.

Alternative for bandages and a brick fruit juice -
If you spoke to Alvin at the previous chapter an alternative available to you to retrieve bandages. You approach the house and up the stairs to reach the window to the right of the door. You spy a heated debate between Alvin and his wife. Once the latter to leave the room, tap the window to talk to Alvin and ask for help. If you choose the right dialogue choices it provides you with bandages and a brick juice. You still need to find a needle and disinfectant.

All windows and doors of the house closed, shop around to find a board that fills a hole. Use the hammer to dislodge and engulf you in the house. Move up a trap. You must use the knife to successfully enter into the transaction but the blade breaks.

Once inside the house, you can go listen to the meeting place about Clementine. You can not be spotted so make the most of the conversation to learn more about your host. The bedroom on the ground floor there is nothing interesting to share a table that will remind Duck Duck, the son of Kenny Clementine.

Mount directly to the floor by the stairs on the right. Once upstairs, you can choose between three rooms. Leftmost contains bandages if you have not managed to get with the help of Alvin, they are in the office right. Inside the drawer is a watch that you can fly, but the consequences are not known in the first episode, to be continued ...

The right chamber is the chamber of the doctor's daughter, Sarah. Once you interact with the door, Sarah sees you. Talk with her and decide whether or not to become his girlfriend.

1 - Friend Sarah

2 - Deny friendship Sarah

In both cases, it gives you at the end of the conversation a bottle of disinfectant. Then go visit the bathroom in front of Sarah's room.

Inside you find the needle in the closet-glass basin. When you try to leave the room, you hear a person go upstairs. You need to hide behind the shower curtain for example. Rebecca, a pregnant woman talking to herself and reveals that she doubts the father of her child. Information that may be helpful later.

If you've been seeing Sarah just before retrieving the needle and you wait until the time passes, the girl distracts Rebecca redirecting it to the kitchen on the ground floor but you will not get no information on the father of the child of Rebecca. Now that you have all you need to perform the suture, descend to the ground floor and interact with the door you came to finish the chapter and direct access to the shed.

Chapter 9: Back in the Shed
Back in the shed with everything needed for the perfect little surgeon you will need to sew the ugly wound Clementine. The girl lays on the worktop his entire collection. Peroxide A bottle as a disinfectant, as a roll of cloth and a bandage over the needle thread. If you have received help from Alvin also arranged a brick apple juice that is not used to much, but a sip to give courage can not hurt. Start by taking a bottle of Peroxide  and once in hand, clench your teeth and apply the liquid to clean the wound.

Pick up then the needle and thread, using a contextual action pass the thread through the needle. The hard part begins. Hold the button that appears on the screen and cross the wound from side to side. You'll have to take it 4 times until completely sutured the wound.

Now take the roll of cloth to begin to bend the forearm Clementine. But the roll escapes her hands and finished ground. Pick up the roll on the ground but a zombie take this moment to get into the shed by the entry created earlier.

Be quick and hit the zombie with a kick to repel, but it returns to the load quickly, pound key on the screen to keep as far away from Clementine.

Once straightened, choose your weapon to defeat the zombie. On your right is a pile of bricks, which are used to nothing but push the zombie for a few seconds longer, so prefer the rake left. Pound key again to display and snap the second time requested key.

The zombie is pushed directly against the anchor hanging in the shed and impales it. But the victory is not yet assured, quickly pick up the hammer on the worktop and hit the zombie in the head several times until reaching the brain and permanently get rid of zombie.

This is the time that the group chosen to open the doors of the shed and see the attack. Choose your answer, "Still. Not. Bitten "a small effect! They quickly realize that Clementine suturing the wound, choose if you want to fully take hardware theft or say have been helped. The group decides to enter Clementine in the house after that and the chapter ends.

Chapter 10: Later That Night
Back at home, the doctor auscultates injury Clementine and confirms that Luke was not the bite of a zombie. Luke leaves the room and the doctor enjoys being alone with Clementine to blame him for his daughter involved in this story. He seems to completely protect the outside world. The first answer has no influence, but the latter plays an important role in the perception of the doctor towards Clementine. So choose your answer wisely. All other answers excuses bring the doctor does not trust the girl. After that, he left the room and returned with Luke food. After exchanging a few words that do not affect the plot, a new choice is presented to you.

Essential choice: Forgive or not forgive Nick Nick?

1 - Forgive Nick
Forgive Nick opens a conversation or causes the death of his mother we learn.

2 - Do not forgive Nick
Refuse to forgive Nick has the effect of leaving the room to the right after.
In both cases, Nick leaves the room and asks Clementine Luke about his past, his parents and how it has survived so far. Choose your answers as you like, but if you say you killed Lee, Luke will remember it for future episodes. Finally Pete arrives to ask everyone to turn off lights. Luke leaves the room and Rebecca made her entrance. Always very friendly towards Clementine, you can put pressure on it if you have been witness to his faith in the small bathroom. Use the phrase Whose baby is it? and then You shoulds be nicer to me to gain some power over it and finish the chapter.

Chapter 11: The killing fields
The morning rose on the refuge group and Clementine accompanies Pete and Nick fishing. During the ride, share a bit with Pete and attend the dispute between him and his nephew Nick. Only your response to the argument from is important because Pete will remember. Then Nick found dead on the banks of the river. A violent confrontation took place and you must search the area. To advance the plot, look towards the sandbar. Other corpse is there.

Join Pete on the other side and watch the body. The north of the island is interesting because when you approach you acknowledge backpack Clementine. Approach the body to find that the man is still alive. Ask him but you do not get an answer, instead a new choice available to you, the man claiming water.

Essential choice: Give water to humans or refuse to give water to the man?
1 - Give water to man

If you give him water he hardly thank you.
2 - Do not give water to the

If you refuse to give water to the man you only get an imploring look on his part.
Once your choice is made, the situation escalates. Many zombies encircle the group, Pete is bitten on the ankle and you must take your last major decision of the episode.

Essential choice: Join Pete Nick or Save?
1 - Join Nick

If you join Nick, you watch far the death of Pete who is devoured by several zombies.

2 - Save Pete

If you join Pete, quickly pick up on a wooden pallet and hit the zombie who is attacking him. You get to save and while Nick flees in the opposite forest Clementine and Pete go in the other direction.

Episode 1 All that remains ends and you can watch a trailer for the next episode. So for you who Clementine speaks in the trailer for episode 2?

Episode 2 - A House Divided

This part includes the solution of the 12 chapters of episode 2 - A house divided

Chapter 1: Two of us

If you have decided to save Pete in episode 1:
You resume the game in a van attacked by zombies. Pete is in bad shape because of its bite to the ankle. When it asks you to pass him the saw, your choice will not impact as it will not have the courage to do. If Lee cut his arm in season 1 then Clementine may evoke replying that it does not work. You can interact with several components in the vehicle, but only the backpack of the girl and the body of cigarette brings real interaction. If you refused to give water to the dying man in episode 1 then you have the choice to give or not to drink Pete.

When you interact with the box filled carton of cigarettes Pete asks you to light one then decided to wait in the car to see if someone comes to rescue them.

The middle of the night Pete seems about to turn into a zombie, pick up the saw on the ground to protect you and near Pete. You realize he is still alive but in a very bad condition. You can convince him to follow or not to at least say goodbye to his nephew Nick.

- If you can convince him follow you out of the truck but quickly hampered by his leg, he decided to use as bait to keep the zombies. The choice of sentence has no effect. Do not miss the contextual action on the screen for a successful flight, leaving Pete to his fate.

- If you do not encourage them to fly with you it allows you to create a diversion to cover your escape. It takes the place of the driver in the vehicle and activates the key. Clementine then flees and you must pass the contextual screen action to escape.

If you followed Nick in episode 1:
You arrive in a small warehouse with Nick. Get contextual screen actions to close the door on zombies. Use any sentence that Nick go get a apple crate to block the door. Choose your attitude towards Nick knowing he will remember.

Then you must visit the scene. Will move to the wooden back of the room to find jars of homemade whiskey. Nick requests you bring him and then decided to wait for help. Later in the evening, Clementine is awakened by Nick throwing jars against a wall that could alert the zombies around. Go to the lecture he starts to talk about his past with Luke.

It offers drinking whiskey with him, he will appreciate if you accept. After the conversation he realizes that no one will save Clementine and offers escape, preferring to stay here moping. You can convince him to fly with you.

-If you can convince him follow you but the way he prefers it to attract zombies to give you a chance to escape. Go join does not change. Get the contextual actions for a successful flight in the woods.

-If you decide to leave it in the cabin, you have to push the apple crate and open the door and flee succeeding pop on screen action.

Chapter 2: The Intruder:
Clementine finally succeeds in life at the cabin and finds Carlos and Rebecca in the kitchen. Explain the latest events for both adults decide to go find Alvin and Luke. Carlos asks you to take care of her daughter Sarah. He will remember your positive response if you choose the answer: You can trust me.

Clementine goes then join Sarah in her room. It plays with the camera and asks you to take a picture.

- If you accept, you must center the photo on his face and press the required button.

- If you refuse or if you choose to blame him for having you surprised she takes herself Photo.

She then asks or is his father. If you tell him the whole situation she will remember. If you were so friendly to her since episode 1 it shows the gun she found and asks you to train. If you accept, Clementine uses verbatim the advice Lee in season 1. Sarah will remember this lesson and will defend herself.

Just after Sarah thinks see Luke outside the hut. Down to the ground floor to get to the bottom heart. You can observe the individual in each of the windows of the cottage but could not identify the person. Sarah finally realizes that he is not Luke but a person whom he thinks he knows. You approach the door, but the man enters the hut you open the door to him or trying to close.

Never mind your choice of answer to his many questions, the man becomes increasingly suspicious and many advanced features that justify life in the cottage. In the kitchen do not attempt to take the knife, the man picks in all cases before Clementine and you miss several sentences interesting dialogue. Sarah remains hidden from his sight, but when riding quietly on the floor, it makes a noise that attracts the attention of the unknown. In the bedroom upstairs man finds the photo of Sarah on the floor and asks who she is. Again your response does not affect the man eventually leave without disclosing his identity and asks you to beware of the cottage group.

Chapter 3 : Departure:
Later Alvin, Luke, Carlos and Rebecca returned to the cottage. They are accompanied by Nick or not if you chose to save Pete in episode 1.

They learn by Sarah a man came in their absence. Quickly they think it is Carver who seeks to find and bring them back to camp which he is the leader. When Sarah admits that the man saw his picture you can:

Essential choice:
- See the blame on Sarah. Carlos will remember.

- See the blame on Carlos. Sarah will remember.

- Take the blame for you. Sarah will remember.

Luke and Carlos decided to meet the group's business and flee the cottage. Along the way, Rebecca tries to have a quiet conversation with Clementine, but the conversation is interrupted when the group arrives at the scene of the first chapter.

- If you were with Pete, you get near the truck. It is not within, then you need to walk around to find a little further with open casings and a bullet in the head.

- If you were with Nick, you arrive near the cabin and find safe and sound inside.

The group continues its journey and Nick ask you details on the death of his uncle. If you tell him that the last thought of his uncle were for him he will remember. Luke asks you further if you want to stay with the group. Your answer has no effect on the story. Luke points to a destination that the group will normally reach in five days.

Chapter 4: In the woods
Five days later the group comes to a large deck around. Clementine must use binoculars to spot nearby. Point the cursor on the bridge and the small house next and the huge hotel and the cable.

Luke then suggested the group from scout. Your answer does not matter because Clementine accompanies Luke. Luke starts the conversation and the answer to his question: Family.

Once near the bridge you see two zombies. Luke proposes to deal with the largest while Clementine kills the ground. You do not have the choice of zombie. Get the contextual action to overcome your zombie.

The hammer is stuck in your head zombie, duplicate keys on the screen to remove. He will now have to cross the bridge.

Chapter 5: Crossing the bridge
Then you go over the bridge to a critical situation where Luke lack of falling off the bridge. Complete all contextual actions that appear on the screen to get you out of this mess.

You can choose to pick up towards the end of the sequence a metal rod or a machete Luke. The consequences are not huge but the metal rod is more efficient and less demanding action to tackle the zombie.

You can then save Luke giving the metal rod directly or killing yourself that zombie threat.

Then you meet a person on the bridge. Engage in conversation with sympathetic character until Nick arrives and kills him despite all your efforts to tell him not to shoot. Again this sequence is scripted and you are completely powerless.

Chapter 6: The other side:
The group you joined and asked for an explanation. You can not defend or Nick with his cronies. Alvin finally asks you to go explore the hut at the end of the bridge.

You can talk to Nick sitting next to the small house. IF you chose to follow Pete, Nick take this conversation to tell his past with Luke. If you've heard his story had followed, it goes directly to questions about the man he killed.

Your answers will not affect but when he talks about his uncle's watch, you can choose to give it or keep it if you had collected in a drawer cottage in episode 1. If you give it to appreciate. Then enter the station.

Inside you will find a locked box near the window. Pick up the knife at the bottom of the piece and return the use of the lock of the large trunk. Inside you'll find boxes converse.

Alvin enters and tells you about Nick. You can defend or push. When Alvin asked if you have ever known someone in his condition. You can say you know a woman who did the same thing. Clementine starts to talk about Lilly Season 1.

It then asks you to hide the existence of these cans to keep for Rebecca. Choose which really has no consequence since it includes your views even if you refuse. You are then interrupted by the arrival of many zombies by the bridge and the group must flee directly from the chalet at the top of the ski resort.

Chapter 7: Reunited
Arriving near the chalet, Luke asks Clementine mounted on a pillar of the cable. Climb the ladder for Clementine so automatically binoculars.

You can see both points of interest, the bridge and the forest in the distance. When you look in more detail the bridge you find a flashlight is right side. Interact with this new point of interest to see appear one second flashlight.

But during your observation, the occupants of the cabin came out and an altercation took place between the two groups. Go down the ladder to join the group and find to your surprise an old friend from Season 1. Choose the dialogues you want because they have no impact on the course of events.

Chapter 8: Revelations
You finally get inside the cottage. When Walter asks everyone to leave their weapons at the entrance, a small crisis is looming. Kenny wants to make an effort if you meet your companions well. If you choose to say they are ok, the crisis was defused immediately. If you answer that you can not commit yourself to everyone, Luke takes it badly but the situation also rule.

You can then chat with Kenny and catch up for lost time by asking several questions. You then join Walter with whom you can discuss. At the end of the conversation you're free to walk around the building.

Will join Sarah and Sarita to participate in the decoration of the Christmas tree. You learn at the same time that Sarah had the habit of putting an angel on top of his Christmas Tree. Then go upstairs to talk with Carlos, Rebecca and Alvin.

Then talk to Rebecca who trusts his baby. At the end of the exchange with Rebecca, interact with the cardboard on the floor to get a decoration for the top of the tree.

To please choose Sarah Angel and place it on the tree.

Finally Sarita you ask a question about Kenny and you can answer what you think, Sarita will remember your response if you say that you look different.

Chapter 9: Christmas dinner
Lunch time came, you must make a simple yet difficult choice. How table will you sit? 

Essential choice:
You sit with Kenny. He then asks you questions about Luke and if you trust them. It also offers to stay with him.

Luke Kenny and quickly join you and a small argument breaks. Choose your party or attempt to resonate. Walter finally comes to get out of this unpleasant situation by asking for help outside.

You will sit with Luke. Kenny is sad to see your decision. Luke and the rest of the group asks you questions about Kenny and if you trust them.

Kenny joined the table and starts arguing with Nick. Take advantage or try to resonate. Walter arrives and asks you to follow him, leaving you uncomfortable.

Chapter 10: Helping a stranger
Once outside with Walter, he began the conversation. You can tell him about your project to the next. Follow your group or stay with Kenny. He prefers to stay with you clearly see Kenny. He then asks if everything is okay. Choose your answer but you will be interrupted by the arrival of Kenny.

Then you meet a young woman who looks inside the cottage through a window. This is Bonnie, already meet the DLC 400 days of Season 1. She claims seek food for his family. You can then choose your attitude to this problem knowing that Bonnie remembered a negative attitude. In any case, Walter proposes to fetch him some cans. Bonnie then asked her age Clementine. Again, Bonnie remembered a negative response. Walter finally returned with a large box and offers thanks to Bonnie and joined the forest.

Clementine enters the cottage and falls on Luke who shows him a photo of the famous Mathwew he is indeed the man on the bridge Nick shot. Luke wants you to hide the knife found in the station to prevent Walter guess the situation. Nick arrives and asks to be informed of the situation. You can lie to him or show him the photo.

If you show the picture he panics and wants to go to confess everything to Walter. You can advise him to confess everything and dissuade. He then left with Luke in all cases. When Clementine approaches her backpack, she realizes that the knife is there more.

Chapter 11: In the dark
Walter found the knife and concluded the death of Matthwew. When you ask who is responsible for his death you have two options.

Essential choice:
Admit to Walter that the group is responsible for the death of Matthwew and specifically Nick.

Lie and say that the group is not responsible. He asks where you find the knife and Clementine says she found it in the station.

In both cases Walter then asked Clementine if Nick is a good person. This is actually the question that is most important. If you answer that Nick is a good person, Walter will remember later and save his life. If you answer that Nick is like all the others, so he let die later. Nick arrives and then according to your choice excuse or deny the accusations block. The wind begins to make a terrible noise that may stir up all the zombies in the area.

Everyone rushes speed and firearm possession. You must shut down the turbine. Turn the lighter to have a little light and pick up the key at the top right of the rack.

Then use the key on the left switch to turn the device. But the damage is done and a horde of zombies swept the cottage. Complete all contextual actions that appear on the screen to push the zombies.

When you are forced to choose between a knife and a shotgun both solutions are effective. You plant the knife in the head zombie after you have taken refuge under a camping table or you make a fatal shot to the head. Nick is then attacked by a zombie:

Essential choice: 
If you have convinced Walter that Nick does not deserve to die, he kills his assailant and thus saved his life. Then you enter the cottage.

If you said that Nick was not a good guy, Walter allowed to be eaten by a zombie. Carlos demand or is Nick and you can answer that you want without incidence before returning to the cottage.

Chapter 12: Caught in a Trap
Attack of the zombies is halted by the arrival of Carver and his men. They take everyone hostage and you have to sneak upstairs chalet to join Alvin and Rebecca by passing the contextual actions that appear on the screen. Carver starts hitting Carlos and asks Rebecca Alvin and Clementine to show. You have two options.

Essential choice:
Go and join Carver and his men on the ground floor you:

Kenny then kills one of the men of Carver and the revenge runs coldly Walter. Kenny continues to fire at Carver who takes hostage Alvin.

You can cast to protect Alvin or yell at Kenny stop. Clementine Carver catches up to the Alvin and points his gun at her. Kenny is then forced to surrender marked the end of this episode.

If you say nothing or talking to Kenny Carver touched his shoulder. He gets up and kills Alvin will then take hostage Sarita. Kenny is then forced to make ending the episode.

You can also reach out Kenny outside:
Alvin opens a window to drag you outside. Walk along the walls of the building to join Kenny.

Whatever your choice of dialogue Kenny kills men Carver. It then executes Walter coldly. Kenny changes position while Carver takes this time Alvin hostage.

You can tell Kenny attempt to kill Carver but he misses his shot and Alvin gets killed. Carver takes Sarita hostage and Kenny decided to go.

You can instead tell him to stop shooting or take his gun and explain it in terms of risk losing his wife Sarita. This argument fly and Kenny goes ending at the same time the second episode.