Dark Souls 2: Great Shield and Havel's Armor Location Tips

In Dark Souls 2 you will find Havel’s Armor including Great Shield. The predecessor of the NPC Havel was still putting in Dark Souls 2 then no more. In this tip we tell you how to find Havel's Armor and Havel's Great Shield. Havel Armor in Dark Souls 2 gives you the best protection, but you need too damn high stats to use the armor and the Great shield effectively.

The best armor in Dark Souls 2? Havel's armor, including Great Shield already known by Dark Souls. In Dark Souls 2 you can find this armor also. But one thing first: - at least not according to our gaming experience on Havel himself not meet you in Dark Souls 2 unfortunately. To find Havel Armor in Dark Souls 2, you put yourself first in the Black Canyon. From the first beacon you walk past the toxic statues. When the pitchers before the first worm you let fall yourself down.

You are standing here in front of a door that is you can not open right now. After the light for a better overview, your torch is the best because it goes in depth. You fall again on a nearby ledge below. Then run. In a large dark passage you’ll find two giant trees. Destroy both and you get the forgotten key. This you need to unlock the stone doors. Now, versa best to beacon by native bone back.

From the first beacon in "The Hole" in Dark Souls 2 you are running the first frame upwards and then to the right. On one of the platforms - in which enemies with the flare - where a ladder. Agent opens petrified door with Forgotten keys. But beware: Many statues with poison block the way to Havel's armor and great shield. More tips for Dark Souls 2 you will find in our Dark Souls 2 Walkthrough.

The following Dark Souls 2 video shows you the way to Havel's armor.