Ghost Recon Phantoms: how to best use your currencies

Ghost Recon Phantoms is an online FPS video game developed by Ubisoft and totally free. The game features three different classes to play, amazing looks and innovative gameplay. Here's how to best use your currencies in Ghost Recon Phantoms to improve your performance in the game.

Calm to improve your equipment

The upgrades in this game can not be transferred to other weapons, armor or devices. This means that it is useless to put improvements in low-level weapons, and the high level weapons are much better than the low level.

Do not buy grenades

It is commonly thought that since the grenades help to get more kills, they will also provide you more AC. However, AC is very difficult to achieve in the early part of the game. Learn the best players in the game just buy grenades when there is no equipment or weapon they are wanting to save for. A kill is not worth it for the AC 60 you spend with a grenade.

More deaths does not necessarily mean more AC

A lot of people think that the best players get enough AC because they get enough kills in a match. Is not always so. You can get enough coins depending on how the game unfolds. Can the players achieve a considerable increase of coins, just because they played better than they had in a previous round.

Stay in a class

It is difficult to play the game when trying to maximize all classes simultaneously. It is much easier if you find a class that really likes to play and maximize their equipment before. Thus, if you have to bring another class equipment, you will have to do this a maximized.

Remain as beginner as long as you can

When you leave the queue as a beginner, you will get to play against people who have better equipment than his. You can play up to level 7 before it must leave the line as a beginner. This means 21 level and 21 000 AC case will play with three classes, playing against a person with the same level of equipment than you.