Child of Light: how to donate an Oculi to a friend

Child of Light is an RPG video game from Ubisoft released in late April for PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360 , Xbox One, Wii U and PC . Developed with the same graphic engine Rayman Legends, Child of Light brings a fantastic look and the ability to play cooperatively throughout the game. In addition, the game allows friends to help by donating Oculis, the gem that enhance attributes of the characters.


To give (or receive) Oculis, both you and your friend must have accounts in uPlay, Ubisoft service that store information of all the games you played now. When you start Child of Light, you can sign in uPlay (if you have already joined), or perform a free subscription to the service - in this case you have to leave the game, returning after completion of the registration.

Another requirement is that your friend is on your uPlay friend’s list. If they have been on your list of PSN or Xbox Live, can probably receive your donations. In the PC version you need to add your friends in the uPlay own website or application service.

Step-by-step guide to donate a Oculi

The following guide was done on a PlayStation 3, but the only differences to the other systems are the buttons to perform commands. Check out the step-by-step guide:

Step 1: After starting a game, go to the pause menu and select the option Oculi.

Step 2: In the Oculi, choose one of the menu slots, whether they are empty or with some chosen stone. Also no matter what the selected character is.

Step 3: The next menu will show all Oculis you own. Choose the one you want to give away and press square (on PS3).

Step 4: A screen will open displaying all of your friends who have joined the uPlay. Sometimes this list does not show friends, requiring you to return to the previous screen and then press the square button again. Choose which one you want with a presenter Oculi.

Step 5: On the next screen you should choose how many Oculis that type you wish to donate. Press right to increase the amount, and to the left to decrease it. After making the choice press X.

Step 6: Ready! Your friend will receive your Oculi as access the game.