Enemy Front review

We go to the height of World War II. Deep behind enemy lines in Warsaw is Robert Hawkings, a frustrated war correspondent who joined the resistance. He has the choice to sabotage the war in different ways and that you should do as a player, of course.

Different approaches
In the approach Robert Hawkings has at his disposal, is also show the strength of the game. You do have a choice how you complete a mission. You can approach the enemy in shooting as a kind of John Wayne, the Nazis distract unnoticed by use of the environment to your advantage.

So you can throw stones instance that the enemy soldiers distracted for some time. That way, you can of course as a kind of Second World-War Solid Snake through the game around bikes. You can also use the environment. That is, cars that stand somewhere push so that the enemy is crushed or cart with explosives to rumble away on a Nazi building.

Enemy Front of Enemy fails
Unfortunately, all this sounds a lot more interesting than it actually is. The way you play seems to make the end result of your mission. No bag out You have a beginning and an end goal and what you do in between you have to know yourself nice. If you'd also yielded actions in the game a different result, it would have been much fatter.

The sounds in the game are quite nice, but not really special. Of course, here and there inflated with a big bang something and sound shooting and the impact of the bullets fun, but do not pull my enemies. Of course they call all in German, which makes sense. If they still evoke the same contrast as you discovered, to the German lingo you begin to stand against fast too bad, because this saves the developer the shelf quite wrong.

The same you can actually call on the graphical side of the game. The game itself looks pretty fun, but not this time. The textures are still to do, but the movements of the characters are so-so, and then you have the framerate which is particularly disappointing. Enemy Front fails in this area properly, and that's not all.

Stupid Germans
Know the game but a disappointing graphical side also quite failing artificial intelligence. If you shoot a Nazi, the rest of you running down then you walk around a corner, which is quite logical in a hail of bullets, they continue to shoot them. No one will come after you.

The AI is really stupid if you look behind. You can now expect the computer-controlled enemy strikes at the sight of a corpse alarm. Forget it. It just gets no books or yuck over. Really hard, the Germans then. All joking aside; this is just a shame.

The action and thus also the fact the entire game knows total spend. No feeling about If you hit your red, screen colors, but that is all. The feeling does not come about. The same applies to the enemy. It just remains until he is dead and then he falls. No special animations as you shoot at a leg or an arm. They just fall over.

Not always good results
When you start looking at the example shots you dissolves example the head of the opponent, this is the one time a headshot and other times nothing happens cheerful. This aspect is very poorly tuned to the game.

Though you are such a fan of World War II, this stuff really can not. You will very quickly become frustrated when someone pops for the umpteenth time his head and then he runs just yet or even worse, you dead shoots.

Also online you'll have a lot of trouble here. Yes, the game is online play, but it's not much. If the game because in itself not already running through a nasty framerate and regrettably also not everything you touch turns out, shot hits it very quickly beyond the fun.

Definitely not worth it
Although Enemy Front takes place in a setting that will fall to the taste of many people the game on almost all other fronts fails. Thus, the shooter is not really super graphic to mention, there are numerous bugs like disappearing enemies and the AI is as dumb as the rear end of a pig. All in all, you should not buy this game and just wait for the next shooter.