Ghost Recon Phantoms: tips to detect cloaked enemies

Ghost Recon Phantoms is a FPS video game released by Ubisoft for PC. Players can choose from three different tactics to play on maps classes. One such class - Recon – have the ability to camouflage themselves and not be seen by enemies for a time. Learn some tips for getting to play against this type of enemy in a match

If you are in a firefight, there is not much you can do because your attention is elsewhere. But if you're quiet, go somewhere hidden and stay tuned to the open spaces and the sounds of footsteps. For this, using headphones helps. You can also get a sense of the position, and if you look carefully you can see like a ghost passing. The camouflage leaves the gamer like a blurry screen.

Also, learn the sound that makes camouflage when it is activated, it is very important. Most Recon does not activate the cloak of concealment until they are near you, and thus save energy. The noise it makes is very characteristic. If you have any idea of where the noise is coming from, start shooting in that direction. Only one bullet is capable of removing the camouflage from the enemy.

Ghost Recon Phantoms: Learn to play the Free FPS game

Alternatively, you can always use the Oracle or Vector detector equipment. Both can turn off the robes of camouflage Recon enemies. If you're playing with the Assault class and have knowledge of which direction the camouflage is coming, you can heat the area. With it, a shadow of the player enemy will appear when it is passing.