Tomodachi Life review

Tomodachi Collection has famously been out in Japan since 2009 where it became a huge success. Unfortunately, they chose not to release the game outside Japan. Sequel Tomodachi Collection: New Life was released in Japan just last year, and under the new name Tomodachi Life released around the world.

Anyone who has played games like Animal Crossing or The Sims will immediately recognize themselves. The setup is in itself equally and in Tomodachi Life is it your goal to keep your characters in as good spirits as possible and succeed, you'll be rewarded with experience points and money, which you can make use of in order to buy food and new clothes. But will Tomodachi Life keep forever?

When the game starts, I get to start naming the island on outrageous that I should spend my life on. After that I was asked to create my very first Mii character. I decide to be a boy named Frederick. Finally, I set some specific details about how my character should be and my choices then decide how my character will look like. I try to be careful to create a character that reflects my reality as much as possible - easier said than done. I eventually become a Mii with a very bad mood, something not at all reflect my real personality.

Your Mii figure comes to life with a built-in voice feature and it will tell you what he wants help with during the game. A voice function that by the way works very well. When the game finally starts, I move into an apartment on the island and get it immediately explained to me that my character is hungry. I go immediately to the store to shop. At first there was only one shop available, but during the game you will unlock more and more shops and events that you can later visit for various purposes.

The game is very easy to understand, even if you play a life-simulator for the first time. Your goal is, as I said to keep the character in a very good mood. Something that I felt was not at all a problem.

In the beginning, your character will need a friend, and then it's up to you to create another Mii character that will also be your neighbor. You can create up to 24 Miis and the more you create the more cluttered it will be to keep track of everyone. With one of the characters I managed to pinpoint a personality that was consistent with myself and I was immediately fascinated by how similar we really were.

The first few days I played Tomodachi Life , I was sure to carry with me my Nintendo 3DS wherever I went and so I could have control over my characters looked great.
Over time I learned that they were enough to start up the game once or twice a day, no danger for the characters' health was still not there. The time and date of the game is the same as in real life. Want to visit a particular place, you have to you go there a specific time for it to really happen there.

Mini-games which Tomodachi Life offers are really few in number and not particularly amusing. Anyone have such a problem with sneezing and your mission is to tickle your Mii in the nose with a feather.

If you visit the carnival a certain time to get the chance to play a mini-game in the form of a turn-based RPG. A mini-game which I had great fun with - and actually the only one. If you manage to deal with the challenge you face in the minigames that Tomodachi Life offers you'll be rewarded with an awl.

All your Mii characters have been a staple with experience points. For each problem you solve increases stack and finally rewarded with going up a level, and a small amount of money. Level system works really well and for every time your level increases, you will get the chance to choose between different rewards. For example you can choose a gift in the form of a Wii U or a phone and these gifts do not really have any function.

Over time, the stores on the island expand its product line and more and more on outrageous gadgets can be bought. However, it requires a certain precaution when to feed your Mii or adorn him with new clothes. Just as your Mii like a certain kind of food or clothing, as easy it is to hate what you offer. It renders most often in the deduction of experience points.

To make friends or fall in love with someone is no problem no matter how different personalities of your Mii have. When your Mii is ready over to meet a new friend, it will scream. You then get to choose between a few choices of what to talk about and no matter which choice you choose, your call usually goes in the right direction. A relationship, I managed to begin after the first hour and two days later I had gotten married and moved into a house with my partner.

To sum it all, the concept of Tomodachi Life pretty cool but unfortunately it fails to really full. As most fun I had the first few hours but when I locked up most of the time, it felt mostly as a process that was repeated over and over again. In the end, this is a very tedious and monotonous game that does not get funnier than this.