Watch Dogs: Use your Mobile Phone to participate in the game

Watch Dogs has the smartphone Aiden almost like a character. But all gamers who play the adventure of Ubisoft can also perform interesting actions of their own mobile phones with Android and iOS: the Watch_Dogs Companion: CTOs .

Check out how to use below.

Step 1. Open the menu, log in with your account and enter uPlay data from PSN or Live. So, you have all the imported data;

Step 2. Scroll Profile to view your game data. All information on your character Watch Dogs is shown;

Step 3 Now, go to the contacts tab and add your friends to interact with them;

Step 4. Challenges In Editor, you create the mobile challenges online to see in the game. How? It's simple: you develop a certain test by inserting a start position, checkpoints, time required to complete it, and you can then share with friends to see who does better on it;

Step 5. Already on Quick Contest mode, you have online battles on the mobile itself. The game mode has a little tutorial in the application itself. Basically, you will aim to control a division police after hacking the city. It has very similar mechanics to Commander Mode in Battlefield 4 . Users have available helicopters, vehicles and should position it in the best shape on the map, and thus prevent the bandits flee.

It is worth remembering that there still are a few tabs in the application, such as Settings, Tutorials and News. The first is for very basic settings, the second has several step by steps on the application and Watch Dogs itself, and the latter provides more information about other games from Ubisoft.