Boom Beach: Learn how to Create Statues

In Boom Beach you can build useful statues to acquire certain advantage. Having different powers to troops, defense and appeals, it is important to know what makes each statue before creating them. Check out our tutorial:

How to Create Statues
To create a statue, initially you need a Sculptor. It can be easily found in buildings menu from Level 3 Headquarters. There are three types of them, each with a different bonus: Idol, Guardian and Masterpieces. To create a statue, you need one of three ingredients: Fragment, piece or crystal. Remember that each one is unique, and your bonus may vary.


The statues of life using 7x Fragments of Life to create an idol; 7x Pieces of Life for guardian; Crystals and 7x Life to Masterpiece. The bonds of life are meant for the production of feature improvements.


The ice statues use 7x Ice Shards to create an idol; Pieces of Ice to 7x guardian; and 7x Ice Crystals for Masterpiece. Ice statues strengthen their defenses by improving their energy and damage.


The statues of magma fragments 7x use Magma to create an idol; 7x pieces for Magma guardian; Crystals and 7x Magma for Masterpiece. Statues of Magma will make your troops become more resilient and powerful.


Statues of Darkness Shards of Darkness 7x use to create an idol; 7x Pieces of Darkness for guardian; Crystals and 7x Darkness into Masterpieces. Statues of Darkness have various powers, ranging from increased bonus Gunboat up bonus reward.