Divinity: Original Sin - Some Helpful Tips for getting started

Divinity: Original Sin is based on role-playing virtues of classics of the 90’s and without on comfort features that have prevailed in recent years. We'll give you a few helpful tips to help you get started. From the group's planning and beginnings in Cyseal, to the use of the elements, there are several things to consider.

Divinity: Original Sin is not a role-playing game for discerning players who expect all sorts of comfort features to guide them through the game. Who grew up with the great genre of the infinity era like Baldur's Gate and Planescape Torment and Ultima 7, should quickly come to grip. However, connoisseurs of modern role-playing games often feel overwhelmed. Therefore, we want to give you some helpful tips and hints for the start to a successful adventure in Rivellon.

Divinity: Original Sin walkthrough

Group Composition

When creating your two protagonists, you have the choice of various classes, taking different roles. Role-playing game experts can also freely make from all available attributes, talents, and abilities together the character. As a beginner, the pre-built classes are entirely sufficient. If you then keep following steps ascents on the attributes and talents, that match the class and your play style, you can not really go wrong. Especially at the beginning of the game, you can still make realignments on your character

In any case, as an all-rounder you should care but to develop all four characters. Instead, it offers to specialize in different roles on the heroes. So it is perfectly adequate, if a character of the group has rogue skills such as lockpicking and pickpocketing. The same applies to the fight. For example two mages can focus on different elements.

When planning your heroes, you can include if required, two additional companions previously included in the game. Within the first hours of play you can record a warrior with two-handed weapon and a magician who specializes in water and air magic, in your group. The choice of the classes of your hero must be aligned but not necessarily mind. After all, you later get the opportunity to fill the group with so-called Henchmen that are available in almost every class combination available.


At the beginning of the game run her over a beach and comes shortly after the so-called tutorial Dungeon. This you should not neglected, but desperately take. With various small tasks you will learn the basic mechanics of the game. The different ways to open a chest, the interplay of the elements and the clever use of the stealth ability. First small boss, which should provide you with your newly learned knowledge but no too much problems awaits you at the end.

The Strength Lies In peace

Soon, you arrive in the city Cyseal, which becomes the starting point for your adventures in the first section of the game. There, you should carefully look around and set out to spend the next few hours of the game within the walls. Firstly, because you should collect some experience points, to guard against the dangers outside. On the other hand, because it applies to meet several interesting character, some of which have their own problems and assignments for you. In this way, you will meet the first quests in the city.

It is advisable to speak, that have an own name with all NPCs. With the talent animal lover can talk even with dogs, sheep and other animal inhabitants and so get additional quests or alternate clues to solve problems. Before your heroes have reached at least level three, you should not anyway venture out of the city gates. To assist the various tasks you can take notes directly on the map. So you don’t lose track of interesting and quest-related locations.


Armor classes, which are only available for certain classes, the use of different types of armor are limited by pre-set values of an attribute. So heavier armor require usually a high strength values, so these items are particularly interested to warriors. When choosing the right clothes for your heroes, you should also pay attention to the bonus opportunities offered. An armor suit that enhances your sneaking skills, for example, Schleich is lifted on top of a character that has always specialized in these talents. Of course, it also applies to the important attributes such as strength for warriors and intelligence for mages to look for.

Your equipment has durability that wears off with time. Rapidly wear out the weapons. Certainly, if an item is damaged and is on the verge to give up the ghost, an icon in the portrait of the hero in question appears. By now, you should respond as items disappear forever if their shelf life has fallen to zero. But don’t panic, a character with the ability blacksmithing is able to repair damaged equipment. You can sell excess loot for which none of your hero has a use, incidentally, at virtually every NPC from the trade window. That is, of course only if he can offer you corresponding consideration in the form of gold or other items.

Interactive environment

Divinity: Original Sin is characterized by an almost fully interactive game world. Almost everything what not rivet and nail firmly can collect or move at least in the game world. The game makes extensive use of these mechanisms, which is why you should definitely get used quickly to consider this fact in the search for solutions. Thus, for under carpets hidden trapdoors and find behind piles of boxes hidden key, to name just two examples. Also to overcome traps, the movement of objects is often necessary, for example to block any escaping gas with a heavy box.

Power of the elements

Another important aspect of the game is the use of the elements. Wind, water, fire and earth form logical synergies that must be used for a successful fight. Is the enemy in a puddle? Then at best a lightning spell or arrow on the water and all affected characters are paralyzed. It also becomes dangerous poison clouds. Targeted use of fire in this combination leads to a huge explosion. At all these elemental games but must bear in mind that your hero can also be affected by the possible consequences. A poison gas explosion whereas the own figures at the epicenter, is not always a smart idea.

Life points

The most important in the battles of Divinity: Original Sin is to stay alive. It is an invaluable benefit to have at least one character with healing abilities in the group. For example, the magician Jahan you meet in the library of Cyseal. Also, be sure that all your heroes always carry enough potions with them. These can be relatively easily produced from empty vials and porcini mushrooms or quite cheap to purchase from vendors.

Not shies away from the pots actually use to keep a character from death. The rarer revival scrolls are much more expensive in comparison to the watering. After each battle you should definitely bring all your heroes back to maximum life points because you never know when the next battle is imminent. Use the best healing abilities and food. If a bed nearby, you can also lie down briefly to regenerate.