One Chance to Dance revealed as the first single of 1D’s new album

"Naughty Boy” revealed in an interview with The Independent that a track composed with Zayn Malik will be the first single of the forthcoming One Direction’s new album.

The single will be titled "One Chance To Dance", and according to the producer, Malik will lead vocals.

"I was very impressed with him and his ability to compose," said Naughty Boy on the member of the boyband. "I think Zayn will sing most of the song because his voice is great in it."

"I have not recorded with the other boys, but I'm looking forward to this. Guess that will change their perception a bit. Yet One Direction, but a little more grand," said the musician." I spoke to Simon Cowell about the song recently, and it seems to be the single."

It will be the fourth album from the quintet, following the success of "Midnight Memories", released last year.