Review: The Wolf Among Us Episode 5 - Cry Wolf

The Wolf Among Us Episode 5: Cry Wolf is the latest chapter in the Bigby Wolf saga. The producer of the game, Telltale once again demonstrates its amazing ability to deliver a gripping narrative, full of action and decisions of major impact. Check out the full review of the last episode of the saga.

Cry Wolf picks up the story exactly where we left it at the end of episode 4: In Sheep's Clothing. Bigby Wolf found the Crooked Man and should arrest him. Not surprisingly, this plan did not work, resulting in a chase through the city after villain to bring him to justice.

The characters make history
The narrative, as usual in games of developer Telltale Games is fantastic. All characters have their own personality, each with their own motivations and goals. Even some of the irrelevant principle, appear essential to the plot. All surprised by its authenticity and depth. For a story with so many characters involved, this is an achievement.

As the sheriff, this is on another level simply by not just being a Bigby Wolf. Each player will make his own choices, shaping the character as it sees proper. This makes someone different for each, may be from a former villain of fairy tales wanting to redeem himself before his community until someone indifferent to consequences, that only search results Bigby.

These are only two extremes of character, since the player can take the middle ground they want. None of this would be possible if not for the variety and quality of all the lines of the character. Bigby Wolf is a great protagonist, independent of the adopted version.

This episode, being the last of the season naturally ended the journey of Bigby Wolf. Even so, almost all arches started throughout the series were closed in a pleasant way. The main characters had their last moments on stage opining on the outcome of the plot. Still, the end leaves enough for there to a second season possibility of ambiguity.

More action, less exploration
The gameplay Cry Wolf is what is expected of the Franks from Telltale Games. A good comparison of the style of gameplay in this episode would be The Walking Dead Season 2: Episode 3 - In Harm's Way. While others were more focused on exploration and research, this speed up the pace, putting more action scenes, beyond the traditional dialogues between characters. This approach is very efficient, since it gives the story told in this episode the greater agility to be effective.

Noir Influences
Graphically the episode is similar to the others. In this respect, the most attractive is the style which refers to film noir. The ambiance is dark with shades of neon, creating an atmosphere that honors films of the genre, despite being a story that talks about the Big Bad Wolf and Snow White.

The audio also stands out because of the actions of the characters. All the lines are well executed, giving credibility to the emotions of the moment. Sound effects are also well done, helping the overall immersion.

The Wolf Among Us Episode 5: Cry Wolf is one of the best episodes of the series so far, and may even be one of the best of all games from Telltale Games! The way the story is finished, along with the high quality of Bigby Wolf and other characters, make this adventure should not be missed!