Sniper Elite 3 review

Rifle shooting is something that is popular in the world of games. Dozens of titles let you run around with weapons, but only a fraction of those games focuses on shooting from long distance. The Sniper Elite 3 is a game in which you play the lead role as a sniper.

A bullet going in slow motion from the barrel of the gun through the stomach of his victim. It sounds like a raunchy video that you would find in a remote corner of the Internet, but this is not true. This lurid images form the core of Sniper Elite 3.

A game that, as the title suggests lets walk around with a huge sniper rifle. In the third installment in the Sniper Elite Series takes you to the tropical North Africa. Once again you find yourself in the middle of the action of World War II and puts you in the shoes of the American OSS soldier Karl Fairburne.

Fairburne has already made many war victims in his career, but he is not afraid to return even to pop to ensure safety. Aside some extra sleeves, the story of Sniper Elite 3 is one of a laugh and a tear. Not because the story is so compelling, because it is anything but that.

Story Narration is something Rebellion in school would have met. Insufficient for Emissions during loading levels supported by the stereotypical overweight American Fairburne and the information is often lost before you've even put a digital step.

The color palette of Sniper Elite 3
Good news is that you have nothing to flimsy story further and you can just focus on the beautiful landscapes that you will be presented in the game. Namely the switch from bombed European cities to the tropics of Africa ensures that there is a lot more colors are reflected in the level design.

Palm trees, flowers and oases with clear water, nothing is left to chance. Sniper Elite 3 is a feast for the eye and it may be said and for a game in which you are especially walking through the desert. The choice of Africa as shooting also brings some changes to the gameplay with it.

Large levels with lots of freedom
Forget namely narrow aisles and linear gameplay from the second installment. Sniper Elite 3 throws a different approach and offers great levels where you can plan your custom. Route Freedom is completely injected into the core of the game and makes the formula much better.

Larger map means greater distances, and let the hell are ideal in a sniper game. You can feel him coming, sniping in Sniper Elite 3 works magnificently. It did aspect to some extent in Sniper Elite V2 already, but is better off in the latest installment. Typical of the series, the so-called bullet cams, where the ball is monitored until it has pierced his victim. In slow-motion

Organs pierce with lead
If the ball has arrived, you see through an X-ray image what kind of damage the projectile havoc in the body of the unfortunate German when you're gunning for. It's a party for everyone who loves gore.

Sniper Elite 3 is doing compared to previous volumes even further and also introduces the BulletCam now combined with vehicles. Well placed shots on trucks or tanks destroy the vehicles, and the BulletCam brings this whole very cinematic screen. Every shot is a relief to watch and shows the true power of your weapon.

How realistic do you want?
Besides the bullet cams, you can still set yourself how hard it is you made while shooting. Influence of gravity and wind can push a button and off, and also aids in the shooting are present.

Compared to the more 'relocate' system. If you smell a rat enemies light yellow on your radar, and a spirit form of your character on the location of where you last saw or heard are displayed. If you move far enough away from you that location, you have yourself 'relocated' and are the enemies you lost.

Rickety AI
In theory, the game sounds pretty challenging, but in practice this is not so bad. The AI of your opponent is not always equally high quality and far from realistic. The killing of a Nazi near another Nazi at all, warns that second soldier even though you might be able to hear the screams of the victim dozens of meters away.

Especially in close contact you notice that the game still suffers from some flaws. Soldiers do not notice you while you definitely walk around in their field of vision and shooting with alternative weapons - a handgun or machine - works quite clumsy and inaccurate. You see this kind of small technical problems that it is best to lie down with your visor to your eye.

Customize your gear on
Before you lie there, do you want your equipment is in order. For the first time in Sniper Elite series lets you customize your equipment. There are several sniper rifles, secondary guns and gadgets available, with additional adjustments for your primary weapon. Here you have to think of different visors and running.

These changes are not purely cosmetic, because you can change the statistics of the choices you make. It is the icing on the proverbial cake pleasant additions and modifications Sniper Elite 3 is welcome. However, the campaign is not the only thing that has been pimped by Rebellion.

The multiplayer on the shovel
The multiplayer is pretty gone on the shovel. Still, you can compete against human opponents in a battle to the death, but criticized the previous section was in the form of that there was a lack of team modes. Here is listened to, because half of all available modes in the game are team oriented.

Very exciting is the package unfortunately. The entire multiplayer deathmatch breathes out, either with or without teams. Objective related modes are missing entirely and make the multiplayer a bit monotonous and less interesting than the single.

Play Sniper Elite 3 in co-op
Fortunately, since the co-op to make up for that. You're not always alone in your struggle against the bushings. The entire campaign is in fact completely out of play with an online partner together. Much difference with the single player is not there, but working together is always fun than sitting on your own to solve everything.

Who was the campaign, it can still work with the Overwatch mode where players fight with a second wave of attacking German troops. A player runs around with a gun, while number two player with his binoculars by giving directions. Overwatch up all of your cooperation and good communication is therefore required.

A comprehensive package
Sniper Elite 3 has become a gigantic whole with an overload of content. The single is taken overhauled and now offers open levels that provide a lot of freedom. Graphically, the game has become a lot better and the raunchy bullet cams are a delight to see. The AI allows terror at times, but not to such an extent that the game experience is severely disrupted.

The multiplayer is again present and although the criticism of previous sections is addressed, the modes remain monotonous and boring. In contrast, the co-op is a welcome feature and ensures that you and a friend can explore.