Tomodachi Life: Learn to add Celebrities and Friends to Your Island

Tomodachi Life, the simulator Lives Nintendo 3DS exclusive to the portable, attractive and has a hook: the ability to digitally socialize with acquaintances, invented characters or even celebrities. The functionality comes attached to QR codes, read by the camera of the laptop.

If ever imagined spending your days in a condo inhabited by Danny DeVito, Naruto and Sheila Mello? It seems absurd, but it is possible and is part of the main aspect of Tomodachi Life: the use of QR codes.

These images function as a kind of bar code that can be viewed by the external camera Nintendo 3DS. Several websites now offer special Miis codes (avatars created for the Nintendo 3DS, Wii and Wii U), whether they are celebrities or fictional universe. Among them, the portal itself the game on the official website of Nintendo .

Mingle with famous characters ...

To access the scan function, simply select the Town Hall of your island and enter the QR Code option. After doing the reading patterns, you can create adjustments in appearance and personality of Miis created.


From this window you can scan, the option "Scan QR Code" or create your own codes - which allows you to share your Mii with friends. To distribute your creation out there, you can follow the same steps, but this time, by selecting the "Create a QR Code" tab.

Do not forget to exercise your creativity!

The method of creating Tomodachi Life extends and goes beyond the aforementioned codes: Can create characters from scratch or use the camera (internal or external) to generate a model based on the facial features of your friends - or even photos internet, it is worth mentioning. Thus, you must create Miis from scratch, generating their own voice and a particular personality to the characters.

Record all times in your life

It is important to remember to take pictures and share your special moments (or rather bizarre!), Simply take a picture of your screen with the game mechanics itself. The "X" button takes a picture of the bottom of the laptop screen and the "Y" captures the top screen. This way, you can climb your files on various social networks, including Facebook and Twitter.