Hearthstone: H.O.W. - Curse of Naxxramas: Defeat the boss (normal and heroic)

Blizzard’s TCG Hearthstone - The Curse of Naxxramas is there. Do you have problems with the victory over the first three bosses Anub' Rekhan, Grand Widow Faerlina and Maexxna? With our tips you beat them all. For this we give you Deck suggestions: With our base card magician you can challenge even on the bosses in normal difficulty, even if you do not have all the cards of the game in your collection yet.

Our top suggestions for the heroic struggles can show where the hammer hangs Anub'Rekhan, Faerlina and Maexxna! We wish you much fun in Naxx!

Anub'Rekhan (normal)

The blue beetle plays like the other bosses, many of the new Naxxramas cards, plus some unique cards that can not win you the game. But Anub'Rekhan great strength is his special ability "flitting" which summons a 3/1-Nerub. Thus the nerubians Army not rob you of your own servants, you should put them with spells or discard heroes skills. Correct effectively is the magician with "Fire Blast". Otherwise Anub'Rekhan plays some warlock cards as Shadow Bolt and worldly anxieties. Servant with one or four life points are therefore at risk.

This challenge is particularly annoying:

"Power Prince Nerub'ar" (3 mana, fourth, opposing servant with Battle Cry Mana cost 2 more.): The servant expensive servant with a battle cry, which many decks slows sensitive. Who plays too many battle cry-servant in the deck, that is at a disadvantage. The solution: play less battle-cry-servant or dispose of the power prince with spells.

"Naxxramasschemen" (3 mana, 2.2, Stealth, receives at the beginning of his own train + 1 / + 1): The servant must be removed immediately, otherwise the high to absurd values grows. Thankfully, the computer stops opponents even stealth and attacks it. He should be target number one for destruction spells.

Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft walkthrough, Naxxramas

"Monstrosity": (5 mana, 4.4, ridicule, death rattle: Causes 2 damage to all characters): The servant protects ridicule by the nerubians of Anub'Rekhan but causes 2 damage to all servants and heroes. Since only a silence effect or an attack with servants who would always die in the attack surface helps. Caution: Sometimes the AI opponents used the monstrosity in preparation for a "swarm of locusts" (7 Mana, Spell: Causes damage to all enemy three servants and provides 3 life back in).

Grand Widow Faerlina (normal)

The redhead is more dangerous than Anub'Rekhan, plays clearly offensive and used Warrior spells like rage or anger inside. The big problem here is again the hero ability. "Rain of Fire" calls random damage projectiles in the player's hand size brought about - almost like built Arcane Missiles. For you this means: Playing Cards in order to protect their own life. The lower the mana cost of your own decks, the better it is in the fight against the Grand Widow. Also a few maps with self-healing as seer of the Earthen Ring cannot hurt against the aggressive widow. But beware of servants with only one life point. With luck they die regularly by the bullets. As with Anub'Rekhan the right deck selection is the key here. The best opportunities are here Zoo Warlock.

This challeng is particularly annoying:

"Deathcharger" (1 mana, 2/3, rush, death rattle: Add your own hero deals 3 damage to): The widow plays as good as ever in round one on this strong servant. Here it is, clench teeth and dispose of it before the horse caused to much damage.

"Worshipers" (3 mana, 4.1, the own hero has 1 attack power in their own train): This servant looks like nothing, but it is highly dangerous. Due to its special ability the Grand Widow has a free weapon without durability. Several worshipers actually increase the strength of the weapon. Also, the computer opponents worshipers often used as a target for rage, so they come to higher attack power values. Remove this servant immediately, before become a danger.

"Dark Cultist" (3 mana, 4.3, death rattle: A chance of friendly servants gets +3 Hit points): The card must be good plays around, because otherwise the servants of the Grand Widow is an angry advantage. At best it gives them with a mass destruction. If no more servants on the opponent's court, the death rattle bonus is wasted. Without such a spell on hand you can also ignore the cultists and directly attack the Grand Widow.

Maexxna (normal)

The final boss of the neighborhood plays defensively and controlled. The hero ability "safety net" calls a random opponent servant back to your hand. This slows your own rise tremendously, especially if you have many great servants in the deck. The trick: playing several small servants with a battle cry. Get the Boss Spider them back to your hand, you can fight the cry once again trigger. Not a good strategy, however: to equip its own servants with buffs (such as Blessing of Kings). They are in fact removed during the on-the-hand-Dispatch. Overall, you have to act more aggressively against Maexxna and beat the boss before he brings tremendous onto the field.

This challenge is particularly annoying:

"Mud-eaters" (5 mana, 3.5, ridicule, death rattle: Gets a 1.2 servants with scorn induced): The servant is annoying and keeps the advance on Maexxanas life points. A good solution here: bring the Spitter silenced. If this then sent back to the hand, the better!

"Ghostly Creeper" (2 mana, 1.2, death rattle: Gets two 1.1 spiders cause): The spider is a large part of the army of Maexxna. The many small 1/1 servants can be a pain and bring the sea giants only faster on the pitch. The solution: mass destruction. An Arcane Explosion and good.

Marine giant (10 Mana, 8.8, Costs 1 mana less for each other servants on the battlefield): The Brocken is almost as punishment into play when you the boss too much time let. Attack him with his own servants card disadvantage is pure. Prefer to retain a charm (about transformation ) on the hand and turns the servant of targeted if he comes.

So you defeat all bosses on normal with based only a deck of cards

After the normal bosses takes on heroic. And the bored versions of Anub'Rekhan and Co. have really something! We have however already defeated and tell you how to do it. Without a really strong deck with the right epic maps and legends you have against the heroic bosses little chance.

The heroic Anub'Rekhan he summons 4.4 nerubians and as heroes ability. And he has a whopping 45 life points, way too much for aggressive decks like Zoo-hunters or sorcerers. Here's only one thing: a strong control deck. With a Handlock-witcher it works quite well.

Why Handlock?
The Handlock-sorcerer ignored the playing style of Anub'Rekhan extensively and has many ways to dispose of the 4.4 nerubians. A giant early in the game, a twilight dragon or an Ancient Guardian can stop the advance. Lying to many enemy servants on the board, ignites a shadow flame for four surface damage and thus tries to come in the later game.

Let your life points fall somewhat quiet (even by the heroes ability bloodletting), paving Molten Giant ago, when their own life points are arrived at about 10. If the enemy table largely empty, the killing blow comes with Alexstrasza . The lower the life points of Anub'Rekhan to 15, thus causing almost 30 damage at once. With a dash of dragon lady or a giant blue beetle Boss is then history.

During the fight with a Handlock deck is quite simple, even Ramp-druids and frost mages have a good chance. Generally speaking against the blue beetles: mass destruction, and many servants with scorn are a good choice.

The modified anti-beetle-Handlock
2x Shadow Flame
1x Cairne Bloodhoof
1x Alexstrasza
2x Ancient Guardian
2x sun runner
1x defender of Argus
2x Pit Lord
1x Twisting Nether
2x Shadow Bolt
2x Hellfire
2x Soul Fire
2x Corruption
2x Hill Giant
2x Twilight Drake
2x Molten Giant

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Grand Widow Faerlina (heroic)

The Grand Widow shares on heroic really good. The Health of your heroes are in danger. Who has a full hand, gets the hero ability "Rain of Fire" each round high damage and for only one mana! But really mean are the drilled versions of the "worshipers" (3 mana, 2/4, the own hero has +3 attack in their own train). The strategy against it? Counterattack! And with a zoo-sorcerer.

Why zoo?
As Zoo Witcher her aggressive play your hand empty and thus bypasses the hero ability "Rain of Fire". To have no cards in your hand also means that you take no extra damage. That is the start of the game: throw everything out of hand, which is more than one or two mana costs and empty play the hand as quickly as possible. So you lay the greatest strength of Faerlina simply lame.

Against the larger servant of the widow going on with your smaller servants. Instead, as usual, directly address the target foe (no chance at 45 hit points), it plays on control and gives the opponent's court empty. Thanks to "bloodletting" you have a zoo-sorcerer while the longer breath. The computer opponent is doing mostly attack your hero and ignore the pitch control. Only the "cult masterpiece" is extremely dangerous because they tighten the widow cards. Need to be done always first.

Caution also required in less than 10 life points. The Grand Widow does have to be in stock melt any direct damage, but some rush-servant and tricks to your life points. Once the life points fall below 10, rather it safe and submit mock-servant or uses a less "bloodletting". If that game as Zoo Sorcerer's too risky, which can try against the widow as a ramp-Druid or midrange priest. Both are possible, but a bit trickier.

The Anti-Grand Widow Zoo deck
2x Voidwalker
2x callous sergeant
2x Dark Iron Dwarf
2x Felguard
2x Succubus
2x Doomguard
2x defender of Argus
2x Amani Berserker
2x plate carrier
2x Soul Fire
2x Dire Wolf Alpha
2x knife juggler
2x Flame Imp
2x Young Priestess

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Maexxna (heroic)

The spider is on heroic even more annoying by its hero ability "safety net". This sends two servants to the hand and the brazen for zero mana. The widow is the ability to use always at the beginning of its turn. It is thus clear: Everything that has battle cry, or rush, is helpful in the fight against the control spider. The sticking point: Against Maexxnas Mini-servant mass destruction must be found in addition. Otherwise you will simply overrun. We therefore recommend a heavily modified midrange Paladin fielding.

Why midrange Paladin?
The Paladin has one thing in particular, which is helpful in the fight against Maexxna: self-healing. Through the hero ability you can bring an extra servant to the playing field, but it's worth it in later rounds to protect their own servants.

The key to victory is this: mass destruction. Without consecration on the starting hand you need not to compete against only Maexxna. Really good at the beginning, one or two elves archers and Voodoo Doctor . That you survived significantly longer for the first consecration can be played. Also the knife juggler is very useful. However you need already to make perfect little luck. Can you do anything more meaningful, then you play once and you gain so after the next "safety net" to a 1/1 servant for one mana more obvious.

Maexxnas stronger servant, so Spectral Knight, sea giants and savannah high manes simply by Peacekeeper or humility off, and set to a point attack power. Or acknowledge these dangers by equality directly from the field. At the end of the game your life points are likely to be scarce. Well, that guardian of the kings is in the deck. The heals reliably for six life points and each round, if he is sent back to the hand. Have you then the pitch control, their attacks slowly Maexxnas to life. But the Paladin is not the only class that against the last boss of the wing has a chance. Even with a very aggressive hunter deck, a defensive frost mage or a priest you can defeat the Spider Queen.

The Maexxna midrange Paladin
2x Voodoo Doctor
2x Slayer Kraul
2x Elven Archer
2x ordination
2x Knight of Stormwind
2x equality
2x Truesilver Champion
2x Humility
2x Wild Pyromancer
2x Guardian of the Kings
2x knife juggler
2x Peacekeeper
2x Panic Kodo
2x Seer of the Earthen Ring

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And so it goes ...
After you have defeated the bosses of the first quarter, you can try yourself to the class challenges of Druid and Rogue on. Where you have a ready-made class deck against already defeated bosses. With the Druids it goes against Grand Widow Faerlina, with the villains against Maexxna. The next quarter will be released next week Wednesday (July 30), and costs (5,99 €) or gold (700 gold).