Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft walkthrough, Naxxramas

Table of Contents

Introduction to Naxxramas

-Operation of the extension
-Normal mode:
-Challenge class:
- A guide for beginners
- Play against AI


-Arachnid Quarter
-Great widow Faerlina
-Neighborhood plague
-Military Compound
-District assemblies
-Wyrm Lair

Class challenges

-Presentation Challenge
-Composition of the deck
-Strategy to win
-Presentation Challenge
-Composition of the deck
-Strategy to win

Introduction to Naxxramas

Operation of the extension
The curse of Naxxramas is the first solo adventure exclusively Hearthstone which allows you to challenge RNs to earn rewards. Divided into five wings, 15 bosses extension can be tackled in 3 different ways:

Normal mode:
The deck is freely chosen and each victory you win a card, and a legendary than the end of a quarter (2 for the Construct Quarter)

Deck made by you but also against much more powerful boss with additional benefits. Defeat all bosses in Heroic gives back a particular card.

Challenge class:
This time the deck (ie the class) is imposed on you and you have to win the fight with it to unlock a map for this class.

In total, you can get 15 neutral cards, 6 and 9 neutral legendary class cards, or 30 cards more for your collection which is not insignificant given the power of some of them. The maps in question are detailed throughout this guide.

Please be aware before you run it will cost you € 5.99 or 700 gold for each district (reduction in price if you take more of a hit or 21.99 for all out promotion), this is not cheap, but the reward is worth the effort.

A guide for beginners
Before going into the body of the guide, keep in mind that there are hundreds of Hearthstone viable decks and as many possible strategies. This guide does not purport to be complete and offers only a few effective options among others. Of course, many players accustomed to ranked games do not need help to overcome the adventure but that is not the case for everyone.

For each match, we offer suitable for beginners as well as decks free-to-play for those who have small collections but based on what you have, do not hesitate to improve decks and use strategies more advanced strategies.

However, it is recommended before starting to know a minimum the game, its rules, its operation starting with playing in training mode, by releasing the first cards and trying to get the most effective inexpensive cards. For this example, you can inspire the report published on jeuxvideo.com for this purpose.

Play against AI
While this is perfectly normal in most games, play against an artificial intelligence in a competitive game like Hearthstone has something disturbing. Indeed, a program designed to play only executes a behavior dictated in advance when a human player fits, thinks, understands, implements strategies ... At first, you may therefore d be taken aback by some of the choices bosses in combat, they are sometimes absurd and unexpected but not panic, this is precisely the advantage that they are very predictable and almost never adapt to your game.

While a human player will quickly avoid asking too many creatures face an aggressive hunter to limit the effects of a card like Unleash the dogs, the AI does not hesitate, it can easily be taken at his own game to win easily, the goal is simply to play the strategy countering his own: not knowing the bosses evolve and fall like flies.

Last point to make before you start, the boss of the adventure are not subject to the same limitations as players to counteract this problem, so they can not issue more than 2 times the same card in their deck, mix several classes and have even more advantages in heroic mode.


Arachnid Quarter

Description - Anub'Rekhan is a spider lord with heroic power "Skittering" which allows him to raise a 1.3 nerubian for 2 mana crystals. Beating him, you unlock the map haunted Creeping is a beast for 2 1/2 crystals with the death rattle "relies on two 1/1 Warp Spiders."

Strategy in normal mode
Anub'Rekhan's deck is pretty aggressive with his servant and inexpensive control spells: the aim is not to be dominated in the early game to prevent premature death. Cards like Lord of the canvas Nerub'ar prevent play servants like the novice engineer while his spells Shadow Bolt or Frostbolt severely limit your ability to against with servants (especially since his heroic power allows it to fill the field quickly).

However, the boss is virtually no big cards to retaliate from the tower 6 except Locust Swarm: If you resisted at first you can easily defeat him with powerful servants provocation and control spells for empty her land. Three classes are recommended to overcome Anub'Rekhan although all are viable if you play aggressive.

First, the mage, with cards like Arcane Missiles, Arcane Explosion, Lightning Frost and his heroic power that you will control the start of the game while Metamorphosis and Flamestrike will complete its largest threats, allowing you to play your Fireball and other powerful servants to complete.

Then the thief with Backstab cards, Deadly Poison, Kriss, Fan of Knives or agent of SI: 7, Eviscerate or Blade Flurry (if you have them) allow you to quickly eliminate its first servants and possibly for Murder the most impressive.

Finally, the hunter is also quite defend themselves if you have the appropriate cards such as Arcane Shot, Explosive Trap, Hijack, Shooting murderer and of course Unleash the dogs. Mark Hunter is also a great way to eliminate the Lord's death, however, but be careful not to accidentally trigger death rattles troublesome with your secrets.

Sample deck to defeat
Continue our momentum by keeping the magician with a deck containing only basic maps or shared.

For your opening hand, obviously keep your cheapest cards that can counter his many servants. Then you just use your spells to clear the ground until you can play your biggest servants to deal damage, its swarms of locusts can do anything you can anyway you -even use Flamestrike to remove the threats.

Heroic Strategy
Heroic, Anub'Rekhan has 45 PV and power becomes "Summons a 4.4 Nerubian" but always for 2 mana crystals, which further complicates a little more control of the early game. The mage class is less interesting since his power is not possible to counter that of the boss, if you do not have many cards you can still beat him with a druid deck based on the "ramp" (that is, -dire using Innervate, Mark of Nature and Wild Growth to ask faster wholesale servants defiant).

Great widow Faerlina
Description - With his heroic power enabling it to fire a missile for each card in your hand, the great widow may soon be your worst nightmare if you're the type to keep it full of card hands. When you fight, you unlock the Lord of the canvas Nerub'ar, a servant quarter for two crystals that the servants with a battle cry cost 2 more to play.

Strategy in normal mode
The deck of the great widow is also very aggressive with cards costing all 4 crystals or less, its card list is a mixture between the warlock and warrior, she does not hesitate to take damage for you inflict more booster his minions and draw more (with cards like the Acolyte of suffering, inner Rage and several other powerful cards offsetting its low cost advantage for you). A map you'll see is the tremendous worshiper who has the distinction of offering him one attack while he is on the field.

To limit the impact of its power, two choices are available to you.

You can use a very aggressive warlock deck to fight fire with fire by killing her before she had time to kill you. Of course your minions will be quite sensitive to his heroic power but you usually only very few cards in hand, which reduces its effect. Soul Fire, Deathlace, Imp flames, Walker vacuum combined with other cards with cheap filler, Divine Shield or other relevant authority (such as coarse or Sergeant Wolf formidable alpha) will come to end boss without a problem. Similarly, the hunter is quite effective but the combo with animals work less well.

Conversely, you can also go on a druid deck to rapid availability of powerful servants who are only slightly disturbed by his heroic powers. Again, innervation, Mark of Nature and Wild Growth will be your best allies to successfully defeat in stride.

Sample deck to defeat
An example of aggressive deck warlock containing only basic maps or shared, and underpinned by the Murloc to invade the set of creatures.

For the beginning of the game, of course it is strongly recommended to have at least a card costing one crystal and then play the maximum cards each turn to finish quickly. Also remember to remove his worshipers before too long to prevent it from destroying any of your weak servants at every turn.

Heroic Strategy
Heroic, Grand Widow 45 PV and heroic power only costs a mana but above his worshipers become two quarters and give it 3 attack, which can quickly become unmanageable if it arises several. However, the strategy remains the same, if you have cards like the Doomguard or knife juggler, you can still improve the deck previously seen to achieve even easier.

Description - The Spider Queen serves as the third boss of the first quarter of the extension: it has the power to 3 crystals enabling him to return a random servant of land in your hand. Once defeated, it leaves you the Egg nerubian a 0/2 servant for two crystals with the death rattle "invokes a 4.4 Nérbuien" and the map legend Maexxna for completing the quarter (a 2.8 6 destroying all servants it hurts).

Strategy in normal mode
The great difficulty of this struggle is the heroic power Maexxna can return at any time in your hand your best cards, so we must focus on cards with war cry or charges for an immediate effect. Its deck is composed mainly of small servants, she quickly tries to fill his field to inflict damage each turn and two sea giants who therefore cost less and are becoming serious threats quickly.

No need to try the Druid is not very suitable, go instead on a mage or warlock deck aggressive, quickly fill the board and if ever you a card is returned, take the opportunity to play it again! You will be asked to pay attention to its larger cards like the giant vase or Spit it takes to silence or where you can use a Transfiguration. Another fairly effective strategy to reduce the impact is to fulfill its side of creatures with one attack to prevent it plays more powerful.

Sample deck to defeat
We'll take a deck similar to that used face Anub'Rekhan mage, some changes were made to more aggression.

Heroic Strategy
Heroic, Maexxna 45 PV power becomes heroic and "Send 2 random enemies servants in the hand of the enemy" to 0 mana crystals! And as if that were not enough, she has 2 creeping haunted the field early in the game while his deck wins two Spectral Knights in exchange for Reincarnations. With such an imbalance, the bout can not approach it like a normal game, it should be seen as a real puzzle and play so to counter it.

So you will soon realize that it always uses its power in the early round, which means you can only play with load servants or war cry and as long as you put less than two, they will again available at every turn.

The idea is to win this game to keep control of the land by limiting its attack damage per turn 7 (or 7 servants having 1 attack) to allow you to alternate care and direct damage.

If you have them, cards like Leeroy Jenkins, Alextrasza or Arcane Golem will be your best friend, if not a paladin deck as proposed by Adurin can do the trick.

Neighborhood plague
Released 30.07

Military Compound
6.8 Released

District assemblies
Released 13.08

Wyrm Lair
Released 08.20

Class challenges


 - Presentation Challenge

To win this challenge, you have to face again the great widow Faerlina (in normal mode) with a deck imposed. This allows you to get two copies of the map of Druid poison Seeds (Sort 4 crystals that destroys all the servants and replace them with 2/2 treants)

 -Composition of the deck
Out expansion cards

- X2 Innervation
- Claw x2
- Defender Argus x2
- Keeper of the Grove x1
- Brand x2 Nature
- Mark of the Wild x2
- Power of the Wild x2
- X1 Acclimatization
- Scan x2
- Hogger x1

New maps of the Curse of Naxxramas

- Limon resonant x2 (Servant 1/2 to 2 crystals with the battle cry "Summons a copy of that servant at the end of round)
- Creeping haunted x2 (Servant 1/2 to 2 crystals with the death rattle "Summons 2 Warp Spiders 1/1")
- Egg nerubian x2 (0/4 Servant for 2 crystals with the death rattle "Summons a 4.4 Nerubian")
- Gargoyle skin-to-stone x5 (Servant quarter for three crystal regains its PV at the beginning of your turn)
- Seeds of poison x2 (Sort 4 crystals that destroys all the servants and replace them with 2/2 treants)

 -Strategy to win
Combat is simple enough to carry if you use your cards wisely to lay and buffer your minions quickly. The deck has many provocations and more cards to make new ones so you should quickly come to be out of reach. Obviously seen his heroic power, keep the minimum of cards to limit the damage of missiles.

The most interesting synergies are with Egg nerubian whose death rattle can be activated in many ways, for example with the Guardian of the grove or giving it a provocation to force the opponent to destroy it. Also use the silt wisely by boosting from the tower where you put it for the most interesting possible copies.


 -Presentation Challenge
The challenge of class thief matched him to a match against Maexxna in normal mode with a detailed below deck. In the succeeding you get the card ambush Anub'ar (Servant 5.5 to 4 crystals with the death rattle "Returns a random servant in your hand").

 -Composition of the deck
Out expansion cards
- Hunter x1 big game
- Defender x1 argus
- Leader Defias x1
- Prophet Circle earth x1
- Elf Archer x2
- Frost Elementary x1
- Inventor gnome x1
- Mental Controller x1
- Master of the waves Murloc x1
- Engineer novice x1
- Priestess of Elune x1
- Hunter Downs x1
- Agent SI: 7 x1
- No x1 shadow
- Kodo unleashed x2
- Protective Sunfury x1
- Voodoo Doctor x1
- Young master brewer x1
- X1 Suprétiencelle
- Alextrasza x1

New maps of the Curse of Naxxramas

- (5/5 for Servant 4 crystals with the death rattle "Returns a random servant in your hand") ambushed Anub'ar x2
- Limon resonant x5 (Servant for 2 1/2 crystals with the battle cry "Summons a copy of that servant at the end of round)
- Loatheb (5.5 Servant for 5 crystals with the battle cry "adverse spells cost 5 more crystals to the next round")

 -Strategy to win
All servants (almost) the deck with effects of war cry or combo, the heroic power of the boss has more positive than negative effects. The resulting strategy is quite simple and recipe: fill the field of your servants, look after them and destroy everything she asks. Strategy based primarily on the control of land, if you eliminate his creatures quickly she can not do much.

Note the presence of three legendary Alextrasza which that will certainly give you more upright end of the fight to weaken Maexxna which should have already lost much of its HP when you can ask.

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