Sniper Elite 3: Customize your arsenal in the game

Sniper Elite 3 puts players in the middle of a conflict in the role of a sniper, you must use your sniper rifle to shoot enemies without being noticed. With the advancement of the game campaign, new weapons, parts and equipment are unlocked, allowing new combinations and strategies. 

Check out how to customize your arsenal in Sniper Elite 3.

Step 1: In the game's main menu, choose the "Device" option. You can also edit the weapons during breaks between missions by pressing LB / L1.

Step 2: On this screen, press Y / Triangle on the loadout you want to edit.

Step 3: The first device to be changed is the main rifle. In total, four models, which adapt to different situations are available. Choose among the strongest, slow and heavy, or more agile versions, but less lethal.

Step 4: Guns can also be enhanced with parts unlocked during the campaign. Besides changing the look of the rifles, they also improve aspects such as the scope crosshairs, power and recoil.

Step 5: Another important item is the secondary weapon arsenal, which is used in extreme moments, where the rifle is too heavy, slow and inaccurate. Opt for models with greater range and frequency of shots, as MP 40, he still has plenty of ammunition scattered by the scenarios.

Step 6: When choosing a gun is hard to recommend something different from Welrod. Although absurdly inaccurate and slow, she is the only totally silent model. With it, you can kill enemies easily without attracting any attention. Just save the ammo, which is extremely rare.

Step 7: You can still carry six additional items, including explosives and kits recovery. Besides healing, absolutely mandatory, it is a good idea to carry mines, since at various points it is necessary to detonate tanks and other vehicles.

Step 8: Finally, also to change the reticle crosshairs of the rifle, choosing from the various options. In practice, the change does not actually change the gameplay much, but at least to choose from some cool models.