10 Best Android / iOS Games with Bluetooth Controllers Support

Smartphones and tablets have always wanted to devour a portion of the gaming market, and the early models of mobile phones already have some smart functionality.

Over the years, many manufacturers have thought of numerous ways of facilitate in portable gaming, but few ideas. In the end, we saw new types of games on mobile systems, since the gameplay has not evolved. Anyway, devices have gained space as gaming platforms. Today, we are used to touch commands and the different ways to use the sensors but that does not mean that the portable gameplay is perfect.

Fortunately, many games feature compatibility with gamepads. Even though it is fun to enjoy one racing game using the device as a steering wheel, many people still prefer the good command of a control standard video game.

Thinking about it, parted some high quality titles that are compatible with the most diverse types of controllers that use Bluetooth technology. We can not guarantee that all the apps listed will work with any accessories available in the market, ie, you should test the games with their products.

Asphalt 7

The Gameloft games are not very friendly with controls, and the layout configuration is not facilitated. It is very unlikely that you can make a gamepad work on other famous titles (such as Modern Combat), but fortunately, Asphalt 7 works seamlessly with several kinds of peripherals.

There are settings within the game to adjust the gamepad, but when you connect your device and open the game, you can use the control without problems. The gameplay is certainly more intuitive, since is very similar to the video games.

Canabalt HD

Racing games "endless" became very popular due to the simplicity in gameplay and constant challenges to break records. The Canabalt HD is one of the most famous in this segment, but the onscreen controls can be a bit annoying and disrupt those who are in a very advanced part of game.

Although not necessary to use many commands, the player can gain an advantage when using a gamepad as it will have greater precision in the controls and not go mad because of problems with the interaction of touch screen. Simply connect your accessory and start having fun!

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

The critically acclaimed game that conquered millions on PlayStation 2 works perfectly on Android and iOS, but the gameplay with gamepads is much better. According to official information by Rockstar, GTA: SA is compatible with most USB controllers with some models using the Bluetooth technology.

In our test, the game ran smoothly, but you may need to adjust some commands. In such cases, we recommend using the GameKeyboard + program (which costs about 8 dollars) to map the controls of your favorite games.

Details: If you like more of Grand Theft Auto III or Vice City, you can rest assured that both are compatible with Bluetooth gamepads.

Max Payne

This is another great classic from Rockstar which is much better if tapped with a controller due the need for camera movement and character simultaneously, often have a gamepad can be advantageous, since it is possible to have a crosshair more accurate and still enable other commands needed during gaming.

As the game GTA series, Max Payne must rotate smoothly with most controls video game. Obviously, if you want, you can map buttons using some third party applications.

Sonic 4

The famous hedgehog was successful start to his career in the late Mega Drive. The fourth episode of the radius Blue was very successful when it came to mobile platforms, but the scheme commands the screen whenever was complicated, since it is not as simple to use boost and dodge all obstacles with such speed.

Fortunately, like other titles from SEGA, Sonic 4 game is compatible with all major controls Bluetooth. We tested the game Sonic 4: Episode II and we enjoy ourselves more with Nyko accessory PlayPad.


The RPG games are perfect to enjoy on your computer and on the islands, since the controller facilitates interaction with the character and the use of various elements in the game. In smartphones, the gameplay is impaired further in smaller screens.

Fortunately, the SoulCraft game is compatible with Bluetooth controllers. When connecting your control, you can move the character and enjoy all features without using any screen command to interact with the amazing world of the game.

Street Fighter IV

Of course, our list would not be complete without a fighting game and obviously nothing better than enjoy the famous Capcom game with good control. The exclusive title for iOS is compatible with gamepads that use Bluetooth technology.

A small disadvantage, however, is that the virtual controls (those that appear on the interface the game) can not be removed from the screen. Anyway, the gameplay is much better and you can perform combos and boldest strokes with ease.

The King Of Fighters Android

For anyone who is a fan of the series from SNK fighting games, we are pleased to inform you that the game published by G-Gee is compatible with Bluetooth controllers. With the use of an accessory for games, you can proceed more tournaments this Android game.

Virtua Tennis

As commented, SEGA fancies time to meet all the players. Virtua Tennis is another title from developer that is compatible with all major gamepads, and it also works with peripherals that use Bluetooth technology.

Zen Pinball HD

Play pinball is not impossible with the screen commands, and the gameplay is very suited well even on smaller displays. However, gambling can become much easier and intuitive.

Anyone who has played Zen Pinball HD knows that touch commands on the screen can be annoying, yet more, in some cases, pressing the display multiple times, even if unintentionally, the game can "tilt". If you use a gamepad, this should not happen anymore, since the buttons are not as sensitive.

A multitude of compatible games

The titles listed above are just some of the many compatible Bluetooth controls.

Unfortunately, many popular games such as FIFA, Need for Speed, Modern Combat and others who would like to take with a gamepad, present problems or totally incompatible with this type of technology.

Anyway, there are many less famous games, but still very entertaining, that can be configured for gaming with a gamepad.